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Gallery images and information: Vincent Cassel


Vincent Cassel: biography

Vincent Cassel was born in the French capital. His father Jean-Pierre Kroshon, who took the stage name of Kassel, was fairly well-known French actor. Mother Sabina policy was a journalist and a homemaker. We have a brother Vincent Mathias, the future founder of the rap group «Assassin», and sister Olivia. In addition they have a summary of his father's sister Cecile Cassel, who was born after the divorce, Jean-Pierre and Sabine.
Vincent attended a Catholic school because parents were very religious people. But the boy was not drawn to prayer book too. It is much more interested in school drama, in which he regularly participated with great pleasure.

After his parents divorced in 1980, 13-year-old Vincent stayed with his mother, but at the same time showed his teenage rebellion. The boy was repeatedly caught stealing goods from small shops, accused of trying to steal a car. Deciding to change his life the young bully Kassel enters the circus school, after which he went to New York to earn a living statue portraying. Realizing that such work will bring neither fame nor wealth, the young man returned to France and entered the acting class of Jean-Louis Barrault, and then some time in favor of his troupe.
Being a popular stage actor, he dabbled in film, but the first small roles in the films "The keys to paradise", "Hot Chocolate" and the television series "Warburg: A man of influence" does not bring satisfaction and popularity.

Personal life
On the film set of "flat" in 1996, Vincent Cassel met with Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci. Later the couple several times to play on the same site. In 1999, Vincent and Monica officially registered their relationship. In this marriage the couple had two daughters - in 2004 was born Deva, and after 6 years Leoni.

The family has long lived in France, but in 2013 moved to Brazil to escape French taxes increased. But in the same year it turned out that the marriage exhausted, with Bellucci and Cassel divorced.
Vincent Cassel is fluent not only native French, but in English, Portuguese and Italian, in addition, knows a little Russian, which is taught in 2007 for the shooting of crime thriller "Eastern Promises."
Hobbies actor - Brazilian martial art capoeira.