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Gallery images and information: Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel - American producer, director, screenwriter, actor, was born on 07/18/1967 in New York. His real name - Mark Sinclair Vincent, has a brother - twin Paul. Mother Vincent Delors, worked as a psychologist, providing a modest family, about my father - all shrouded in mystery, it is known only that he could be an African American or Italian. Family Tree Vin Diesel is composed of Americans, Mexicans, Irish, Germans, Dominicans, Italians and Africans - so the question of the nationality of the actor is still the subject of controversy.

Love for theater performances instilled stepfather Irwin, who taught acting and worked in the theater. When Mark was just 3 years, the talent of young actors gradually began to emerge, and in 7 years by accident that almost true story did not end crime, he was on stage stage - the company the guys snuck into the theater to use props and accidentally hit on rehearsal of the play.
To punish young intruders was elected to the amazing educational method - they were forced to read the text of the script. Apparently, Mark is well turned out as soon rehearsing every day, he was able to get twenty dollars for a performance in the theater. The first big premiere of the play was "The door to the dinosaur," in which he played, as a seven year old boy.

Dreaming about becoming an actor in 17 years with a beautiful figure and bulging muscles, Mark decided to take this man's business, which generated revenues more than theater - he got a bouncer at a nightclub in Manhattan. This hard work is required of the corresponding name, and he took the appropriate nickname - Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel - the beginning of a stellar career
Stepfather Vin Diesel prophesied his career as a writer, so the college had to study philosophy, basics of dramatics, English. Not graduating from college, he decided to conquer kinoolimp, went to Los Angeles, but, for the first time, the vertex is not obeyed him and had to work 18-20 hours a day, selling teleservices. Sample as an actor Vin Diesel movie disappointed, and returned back to New York, he suddenly received a tip from the mother - to try yourself in the role, and writer and director, began to shoot their movies.
Ideas presented to her book "Creating a movie worth no more than an old car" entailed writing the script of the first short film, "The Many Faces." Writing the script and filming took only 8 days, the film raised the topic of cultural diversity and multi-ethnicity that bothered Vin Diesel in early childhood. The first director, producer, actor's work in the film had a mixed assessment, however, has received positive feedback both in Manhattan and at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was presented. Soon Vin Diesel is making a second own work in the film - the film «Strays», which, although it was approved by the critics, was not successful in the box office.

Vin Diesel - most notable roles
In 1997, the dizzying acting career of Vin Diesel in the movie begins with a small role Adriana Kaparzo, a soldier in the movie "Saving Private Ryan." Steven Spielberg, will take the young actor and writer, I decided to try it in this role and made no mistake. Next were acting work of Vin Diesel in the movie "Black Hole" and "Boiler Room," a successful voice of cartoon characters, in 2001, the premiere of the movie "Dodgeball," and in 2002 Vin starred as Xander Cage in "XXX" ("xXx" ), for which he was nominated in the category for the Best Actor TV channel MTV. For the filming of the movie "Fast and Furious" Vin Diesel was required to undergo special training stunt, but the physical and emotional costs are justified themselves - actor fee determined by millions of dollars.
In 2004, Vin Diesel became a producer and actor in the film by David Twohy, "The Chronicles of Riddick," but it did not hire was particularly successful in 2005, the actor gets the victory in the category "Worst Actor".
One of the most successful in the box office was the film "The Pacifier," where Vin Diesel starred as a former military man who looks after the scientist and his children. More than $ 200 million collected this comedy in theaters.

Vin Diesel - personal life
The personal life of Vin Diesel is not always all went well, but his woman - bright and unusual personality - model and film actress. Beautiful affair with Michelle Rodriguez, which began on the set of "Fast and the Furious", ended in a few months, short-lived affair with singer role in "XXX" Czech model Pavla Harbkovoy. However, in 2007 an alliance with a model Paloma Jimenez had two children - daughter Hania Riley (2 April 2008) and a son, born in 2010, whose name remains a mystery.

Vin Diesel - day today
In the nearest plans of the actor and writer Vin Diesel - out in 2013 in theaters the movie "Hannibal" where he played a major role outstanding general Hannibal Barca.