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Gallery images and information: Taylor Lautner


The actor, an athlete, a young, handsome, ambitious Taylor Lautner in his 20 years has made significant progress. In sports - victory in the world of cinema - the glory.

Talented youngster Taylor Daniel Lautner was born on 11 February 1992 in the small town of Grand Rapis (Michigan). His parents, Daniel's father and mother Deborah Lautner when Taylor was 6 years old gave it to the school of karate Fabiano, thereby determining one of the main vocations son. Just one year of training at the school Taylor Lautner has become to win the tournament.
On the abilities and potential of young karateka noticed seven time world champion in karate Mike Chet and invited Taylor to his training. Able Lautner lived the world of sports and in 12 years, representing the country at the "Championship Forms and Weapons", became the youngest champion, winning three gold medals.

Taylor Lautner - the beginning of a stellar career
All the time the young man gave training and comprehension of martial arts, and did not even admit the thought that all is his main vocation would be acting. In the world of cinema young and successful athlete I was quite suddenly and accidentally. His martial arts instructor persuaded Taylor to audition for the advertising project "Burger King", which was held in Los Andzhelesse. Taylor agreed to audition, but unfortunately to no avail.
After listening to the failure of Taylor quite disillusioned with the world of film art, but on the contrary, this wonderful world simply enchanted. Lautner firmly decided for myself that he will continue his efforts to conquer the world of cinema. Lautner's parents have agreed to move to Los Andzheless to son could seriously do acting. Taylor Lautner has grown not only child, he has a younger sister Makena, whom he loves in your spare time to play football.

Taylor Lautner - gaining popularity
Desire to become an actor Taylor Lautner began to run from 2001, that's when he made his debut in the movie, playing a small role in the sci-fi movie "The Shadow of the killer." The following years were useful and valuable for the young actor.
He successfully auditioned for many TV shows, including: "Bernie Mac Show," "My Wife and Kids," "Eternal Summer," "Danny Phantom" and many others. His first real resounding popularity of Taylor Lautner was in 2005, when the great starred in the sci-fi action movie "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl." It is in this picture Taylor around the world to demonstrate their skills, not only in martial arts, but also showed that he is a great actor.
In the same year, Taylor Lautner brilliantly takes another role, but secondary, and cash in the acclaimed comedy "Cheaper by the Dozen 2". The success of the young, talented and very attractive novice actor Taylor Lautner immediately attracted the attention of Hollywood producers, who invited Taylor in 2008 for the role of the youth in the famous vampire Kono-hit "Twilight." His excellent play in this movie, Lautner and cemented its status as one of the most promising actors in Hollywood.
The rapid and successful "take off" in cinema, as does not prevent Taylor Lautner continue and career. Taylor and today quite successfully engaged in karate, but also stands for a baseball team Los Andzhelessa.

Taylor Lautner - the most notable roles
Every year for the handsome Taylor Lautner - a successful film roles. In 2010, he played in two films: "Valentine's Day" and "Twilight. Saga. Eclipse." In 2011, Taylor continued to work in the most popular film in the next part of "Breaking Dawn" and showed his excellent acting in the film "The Chase," where he played Nathan Harper. In 2012, the second part of "Twilight. Saga. Dawn", where the hero Jacob Black - it's all the same, but already very famous Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Lautner - personal life
Taylor Lautner, except that he is a successful athlete and already a star of the big screen, he is a very handsome young man who is constantly surrounded by female attention. About his affair with a young Hollywood actresses were a lot of conversations. And though Taylor himself says that he has absolutely no time for personal life, but by the paparazzi and fans is very hard to hide the truth. And, as you know, today the heart of the young Hollywood handsome Taylor Lautner won the daughter of legendary musician Phill Collins Lily, who as well as Taylor is a young promising actress. Their romance began on the set of the movie "Pursuit". As the plot of this film, and in the life of Lili Taylor and madly in love with each other, happy and solve all the problems together.

Taylor Lautner - present day
The most popular "handsome werewolf" Taylor Lautner fascinating lives an active life. He does what he likes: cinema and sports, in his heart of wonderful feelings for a young beauty Lily, it is supported by family and friends. Major satellite Taylor Lautner - popularity, love and recognition.