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Gallery images and information: Taylor Kinney


Taylor Kinney: biography

Taylor Kinney, who was born in Pennsylvania in Lancaster, in July 1981. In addition to his family grows up three more sons: Adam, Trent and Ryan (who died in 2008). Shortly after the birth of Taylor's parents divorced. After leaving her husband Heysler Pamela Kinney, who worked as a dentist, she was brought up and put on the feet of children.

Taylor Kinney in his veins flows the blood of a multinational. From his father he had Irish roots, from the mother - Swiss and German. From a young age the boy seriously interested in soccer. He is good at school, giving preference to the exact sciences. After completing secondary school Taylor Kinney went to West Virginia, and easily went to university, where he chose the Faculty of Business Management.
While in high school, the guy continued to play sports. He had excellent physical shape and good looks. Thanks to this one was seen modeling agent and received an offer to try myself on the podium. Soon Kinney was accepted into one of the modeling agencies. His photos have appeared in magazines «Cosmopolitan», «Vogue» and «Glamour».

Personal life
In the summer of 2011 at the shooting clip Lady Gaga Taylor Kinney acquainted with the flamboyant singer. They starred together in an intimate scene. It seems that the passion was transformed into a real screen. On Valentine's Day in 2015, the actor offered sweetheart to marry him, to which she replied yes. Despite the fact that the 4-year relationship was quite difficult, a couple of things connect. For example, love to surf and travel.

Kinney dreaming of a wedding in Morocco. This country is like him when he starred in the film "Rock to the east." Taylor dreams of many children. Singer says that, too, was brought up in a large family and wishes to her home sounded laughter sets kids.
The only obstacle on the way to a wedding - a very tight schedule "stars". As long as the wedding date has not been agreed.