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Gallery images and information: Tara Reid


Name: Tara Reid
Date of Birth: November 8, 1975 
Zodiac: Scorpio
Birthplace: Wyckoff, United States
Activities: Actress
Weight: 52 kg
Height: 165 cm


Tara Raid. American actress Tara Reid was born in Wyckoff, New Jersey November 8, 1975. With the girl's parents were very lucky. Donna and Tom Reid owned two kindergartens and were quite wealthy, though unknown nationality.
Erotic fame, however, the real glory fell on the head of the actress after starring in Vicky scandalous comedy "American Pie." The first part of the picture came out in 1999, and told about the college students of the graduating class who are planning to leave the prom with her virginity.
And before the "X" young people are trying to rein in their hormones. The film was accused of racism, called vulgar and stupid, but in America it is only allowed to watch adult. However, it is this tape became a starting point in the career of Tara Reid and her colleagues on the set. Tara Reid after some explicit scenes in the "American Pie" began to be considered almost a sex bomb, the actress immediately was invited to a photo shoot in a swimsuit, bikini and erotic outfits for magazines such as «Rolling Stone». After the release of the film immediately became a bestseller, but for Reid firmly entrenched image of the actress erotic plan. However, this was not the first role where Tara appeared in the erotic scene. In 1999, the movie "Naked bodies" heroine Tara Reid Sarah spends the night with the unfamiliar man. Due to the intimate scenes of the film the audience warmly received. Along with Tara in the film played by Sean Patrick Flanery, Amanda Peet and Jerry O'Connell. By the way, despite the insane success of the painting "American Pie", she says Tara his best work is the role of Sarah. This was followed not successful in terms of acting the role of melodrama with Richard Gere "Dr. T and the Women." The actress could not fully reveal the image of the heroine, and did not show all their acting talent. Tara Reid expected popularity of this work has not brought.

Sexy role strengthened Tara Reid finally after leading roles in the films "Just aliens" (2001), "Josie and the Pussycat" (2001), "American Pie - 2" (2001), "Van Wilder" (2002) and "The daughter of my Boss "(2003). Incidentally, the actress on the set behaved accordingly. Western tabloids constantly abounded reports of her adventures, which have been on the brink of a foul. However, Tara Reid actively played not only in youth comedies, and thrillers and horror movies. Fans of computer games could see the actress in the film "Alone in the Dark," which appeared in 2005 and was placed on same action. In the same year, Tara again pleased fans to tickle nerves spectacle resurrected the dead, appeared in the film "Cruel communion." In 2005, fans of collisions involving crazy and their victims saw on the screens picture of the "Devil's Creek." In 2007, Tara Reid played a writer of detective novels, which recklessly flirting with men in the movie "Honestly." By the way, this picture was engaged in shooting the brother of actress Tommy Reid. And it was not their first collaboration. In the year before the release of the tape "even" Tara starred in the film, which tells about the players bowling "Split". There, the actress has not only been involved in the script, but also became the producer of the picture. In the same year she appeared on screen in the role of unbridled girl named Ellen Harris in the youth film "The exhaust fumes." Here, the company headed by high school heroine Tara skip a day of school government.
A sporty Thomas Reid's "Walk of Fame" actress played brilliantly talented player beloved in Boiling. This was followed by the role of Stephanie in the comedy drama "If I Had Known I Was a Genius." Colleagues on the set of Tara became true stars - Whoopi Goldberg and Marcus Redmond. In 2008, Reid kinobiografii replenished film "Unnatural approach" and the melodrama "Godyuki", where the actress played brilliantly fearless doctor. However, despite a fairly extensive filmography (every year goes on 2-3 film featuring Tara Reid), the actress does not have a piggy bank in his remarkable achievements in film and profound dramatic roles.

Tara Reid has repeatedly fell on the table of plastic surgeons in the hope to make your body perfect. As a result, many breast augmentation and liposuction made her body unrecognizable, and quite attractive.

Tara Reid in 2002 fell to 48th place in the ranking of the magazine Stuff «102 Sexiest Women in the World" and the same year became the fourth Top "Hot 100 in 2002" by the magazine Maxim. In 2005, the actress took 43 position in the ranking of the magazine FHM «100 sexiest women in the world."

Tara Reid once considered herself the happiest woman in the world. At that moment she just met, she believes the "ideal" man. Chosen actress became a DJ Carson Daly MTV. The couple dated for six months, after which the beginning of a life together. The couple had a lot in common, however, after a year and Tara Daly left.
New Tara Reid became the chosen one another "ideal" man, the star of the popular series "Dresen," David Schwimmer. Some people believe that for the sake of another of his ideal Tara crossed the road REI Duran.