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Gallery images and information: Sylvester Stallone


Sylvester Stallone: ​​biography
The future actor was born in New York in a family of Italian immigrants, Frank Stallone, who founded a network of hairdressers and beauty salons in several American cities. Father distinguished character of unbridled cruelty and even some that had an impact on his children. So, the young hooligan Sylvester was considered to be a boy, and even attended a special school for troubled teens. In addition, the behavior of Sly affect birth trauma. From birth the boy had damaged the nerves in the face, why he suffered some defect of speech and his antics probably tried to compensate for the handicap in the eyes of their peers.

After twelve years of marriage, they divorced parents Stallone. Sylvester and his younger brother Frank remain to live with his mother, Jackie Stallone, nee Leybofish. It was left without a father, Sly discovers the world of sports, trying hard to do in the gym.
When does the war in Vietnam, Stallone moved to Switzerland as a privileged college student and also a physical education teacher. It was then that the future actor was first acquainted with the world of theater. He discovers his talent, probably inherited from his mother, who in his youth played in the famous show "Diamonds-Horseshoe Club" Billy Rose.

Returning from Switzerland, Sylvester Stallone arrives at the University of Miami on a specialty of Dramatic Art, finally decided to link their lives with the scene. But when to graduation was only a few months, he leaves alma mater and to conquer the theaters of New York, but without much sense. Only after long sessions with a speech therapist to the actor began to show attention to producers and directors. Having played his first cameo appearance in the film "The Lords of Fletbusha", he moved to Hollywood. The "country" stars Stallone is trying to succeed with your own scripts, but for a long time without success.

The situation changed when Sylvester suggested that one of the production companies a screenplay about a boxing match. Despite the fact that the contract was for meager for Hollywood conditions, released the movie "Rocky" where Stallone plays a major role, brought him and millions and, most importantly, fame and popularity. The success was so significant that the actor and screenwriter was inspired to create some sequels of this film.

Also in the wake of the popularity of a strong and purposeful character was filmed another cult movie with Stallone in the title role - "Rambo. First Blood ", the relevance of which was highlighted recently ended in the Vietnam War.
However, in such a way, shot to fame Sylvester put himself in the frame of the actor in one role. All subsequent films such as "Nighthawks," "Cobra," "Staying alive" and others, showed the audience the same way a strong man, fighting against injustice.