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Gallery images and information: Steven Seagal


Steven Seagal: biography

Steven Seagal was born on April 10, 1952 in the US state of Michigan in Lansing. Seagal is considered one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. Also, over the years Stephen has served as writer, producer, director and musician. In addition, Seagal is a master of martial arts.
Data on family Seagal very different. According to some reports, the father Seagal, professor of mathematics, was a Jew, and his mother - Irish. Grandparents Seagal, being Jews, moved to America from Russia in St. Petersburg and shortened his name from Siegelman to Seagal. As a child, Stephen told me that his grandfather was "Mongol", but in fact it could be just as well and Kalmykia and Buryatia.

Sigalov The family had four children - Steven, his older sister and two younger. In 1957, the family of the future actor moved to Fullerton. From early childhood, the boy was sent to karate. The fifteen year old boy was the typical teenager who was involved in every fight in the city. Fortunately, this time, Seagal met Kesey Isisaki, Aikido master, who was then the chief instructor at the Aikikai school near Los Angeles. Seagal went to school to Isisaki and quickly achieved considerable success. The young man showed excellent sports results, and participated in various competitions and festivals.
At seventeen Seagal decided to go to Japan to improve their sporting success. In 1974, Steven Seagal was awarded first given. A year later he became the first of its kind in the American Open in Japan dojo - Aikido school. The philosophy of teaching martial arts at the Seagal was simple - he taught that it would be effective in a fight in the street.

Steven Seagal: movies
In 1982, still in Japan Steven Seagal first time participated in the movie. Steven invited the master of kendo to shoot the film "Defiance" as a master of Japanese fencing. There he staged several scenes katana sword fighting. In 1983 the master moved his school education in Los Angeles. From Japan Seagal called his assistant. Thus, Stephen began to promote his martial arts school in America that still exist.
In 1986, Steven Seagal coached Mike Ovitz, the head of the agency "talented artists." At that time, Mike was one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. Mike suggested that the young director Andrew Davies to write the script specifically for Seagal. The scenario was presented personally Ovitz, managing film company Warner Brothers.
In 1987, Steven Seagal for ten minutes in the studio demonstrated combat effectiveness. This "show" was so bright that the leadership of Warner Brothers immediately decided to shoot Seagal in the movie "Above the Law."

With a very small budget ($ 7 million) film yet proved successful. The popularity of the painting was conditioned by the fact that in the present scenario, the real facts of life Seagal. After a successful first film was showered with offers from many film companies and producers. In 1994, Seagal still tried to change roles and become the director of the film "On Deadly Ground".
In 1995, Steven Seagal left a footprint on the famous Hollywood Walk of Los Angeles. In the movie "The Patriot" and "Fire Down Below" Steven decided to slightly move away from the image of Superman who "single-handedly" kill all the bad guys. These motion pictures affected by environmental theme, the hero fighting for the environment.

In 1998, Seagal joined Buddhism. In the monastery of Mindrolling it recognized the reincarnation of a famous Buddhist teacher Chordena Dorje. However, to continue the spiritual practices Steven had to stop his acting career in movies, where there is death and violence. The actor did so, terminate the contract. In three years, the actor is completely dropped out of the media life, but in 2000 he returned to the cinema.
In 2001 there was a scandal. Julius Nassau, which was previously a partner of Stephen in the movie business, the actor filed a claim for 60 million dollars for the breakdown of contracts. Seagal has filed a counterclaim, indicating that some criminal structures extort him 150 thousand dollars for each film. This proved true, and in June 2002 was arrested seventeen people of the mafia clan.
Litigation was battered purse actor, so the actor had to return to show business. In 2001, it appeared just two films - "Exit Wounds" and "clockwork." The next eight years, Steven Seagal starred in the films that do not appear on the wide screen, and remained in a video box. The actor was trying to regain its former glory, but the time seemed to have passed.
In 2010, Seagal played a relatively small, but very interesting and unexpected role in the film "Machete," the famous director Robert Rodriguez.

Steven Seagal: love life
In the seventies in Japan, Seagal met a girl named Miyako Fudzitani. She was the first wife of actor and bore him a son and a daughter, but the family life did not last long, and the couple divorced in 1981. Four years later, Seagal again visited Japan and met there with Kelly LeBrock, an actress who also gave birth to two children Seagal. This marriage is almost completely destroyed the career of the Kelly. LeBrok could not continue family life, because Seagal believed that his wife was in the house should only cook, bear children, and to remain silent.

In 1994 the couple divorced on the grounds that the actor fell in love with a nurse their children Orissa Wolf, which at that time was only sixteen years old. Orissa became the third wife of Stephen, bore him a daughter Savannah. In fifty years, Stephen has become a father again, Orissa bore him a son this time. And in 2006 he became the grandfather of the famous actor - in the family of his son Kentaro boy appeared.
In one of the American TV show Steven Seagal suddenly presented to the public his wife and young son, which until very few people knew. It turned out that three years is the wife of actor dancer Erdentua Batsuk Mongolia and son Seagal for a year and two months. With his current wife, Stephen met eight years ago during a trip to Mongolia. Son of the couple named Kunzang Seagal.