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Gallery images and information: Sophia Loren


Sophia Loren: Biography

Sophia Loren was born in the capital of Italy - Rome, but as a child lived there. Her mother, Romilda Wilanow, arrived in the main city in the country to try their luck on the stage: she dreamed of becoming a singer or an actress. But familiarity with Ricardo Shikolone changed all the plans of the girl. After learning about the pregnancy, he acknowledged paternity but refused to marry. Therefore, immediately after the birth of her daughter Romilda returns to his home town of Pozzuoli, which is located in the vicinity of Naples.

Sofia grew very thin girl and always far ahead of peers in growth, for which he was nicknamed "perch." When the girl was 14 years old, she participates in a local beauty contest "Queen of the Sea." The victory is not won it, but got a dozen favorite princesses and received several awards of material and most importantly - a ticket to Rome for the passage of the casting. After 2 years in the beauty contest vseitalyanskom Sofia received the title of "Miss Elegance", which the jury was forced to come up with further specifically for the young senorita.
In the movie, luck accompanied aspiring actress. She was offered a role of extras or erotic scenes. To survive, Sofia moonlighted as a model for glossy magazines and even comic books. But in 1952, it takes the 2nd place in the competition "Miss Rome", and this day becomes the starting point in the career of a future star.

Personal life
Sophia Loren were numerous marriage proposals, but the actress has been married only once - for Carlo Ponti, who discovered the world of her acting talent. And the marriage was not officially recognized by the Italian authorities. Signor Ponti had been previously married and Catholic laws on divorce impossible. The couple registered their relationship in Mexico, which caused great resentment among the Catholic Church. The couple lived together until 2007, when Carlo Ponti died.

Sofia dreamed about children, but for a long time could not give birth. Only at the age of 38, she first became a mother, giving her husband the first-born Carlo Ponti Jr. After 4 years, she gave birth to a second son - Edoardo. Both sons became well-known people. Carlo - conductor, and Edoardo went to his father's footsteps and became a film producer.

Sophia Loren has released two autobiographical books: "Living and Loving", which was published in 1980 and on which the film was made, as well as "Recipes and Memories," published in 1999.
Despite the mature age, Lauren is often involved in photo shoots and even shot for the famous erotic calendar "Pirelli" in 2007.