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Gallery images and information: Shakira


Shakira - Colombian singer, dancer, songwriter, choreographer and philanthropist. One of the most successful Latin-American singer in the world. He received 5 awards MTV, 28 awards Billboard Latin Music, Grammy and two 8 "Latin Grammy", as well as a nomination for the "Golden Globe".

Shakira Isabel Merabak Ripoll was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, in 1977. Birthday February 2 marks (Aquarius horoscope).
Shakira's father was an Arab, and its name in Arabic means "gratitude". As a child, Shakira was always moving, lively, sociable child. She spoke with ease rebyatney, was the favorite relatives. Shakira's father was the author of books, holding his jewelry store.
The girl grew very smart. She was able to read at three years and four it could give to the school. Experts called it a child prodigy, and predicted a great future. My mother was convinced that Shakira in the footsteps of his father - to write a book, or find yourself in the fine art as a girl always drew a lot.

When she was 8 years old, the parents realized they were wrong with their predictions. It became obvious that Shakira will be the singer. At that time, she just sang and recorded the song "Your dark glasses."
It should be noted that as a child Shakira won many art contests for children - "Children of the Atlantic", "Long live the children!" And others.

After meeting with Ciro Vargas from Sony Music Shakira signed her first contract, and in 1991 released her first album - "Magic» (Magia). Shakira was only 14 years old, and the album she worked after school, get an education, too, because it was necessary.
Having won at the festival "Vina del Mar" with a composition of his own «ERES», Shakira has become famous all over the country. But once it did not take even a local choir - a teacher, to arrange "listening," she said the girl's voice is like a "moo goats."
The 15-year-old star recorded his second album, "Danger". Because he was the only one successful song, but the creative power of the young singer is not shattered, and she began to work tirelessly on their third album.

After high school, my mother Shakira moved to Bogota. In the capital, the girl was offered to star in the TV series "Oasis". Speech at the 1994 event has attracted serious attention to it Pares Tellez, who later became her manager. At that time, Sony has been thinking to break the partnership and lose young talent from the accounts, but Shakira presented the composition, which immediately became a hit. This is the song "Where are you, my heart."

The huge success awaited third album of the singer 'bare feet. " Song became the leaders of the charts in different countries, with huge wheels sold copies, and she Shakira went on a world tour.
In 1996, the media called Shakira "Man of the Year" and "Woman of the Year", because it glorified Colombia in the Far East and Europe (especially Spain and Portugal).
Materials fourth album were stolen. Then the album Shakira released the album "Where are the thieves?", Which went platinum five times.
In 2001, Shakira received a "Grammy" for the record a live version of songs «MTVUnplugged».
In the English-speaking music market Shakira appeared with his fifth album "Laundry» (Laundry Service). This happened in 2001. The composition Whenever, Wherever was the most successful at the end of 2001.
Success was waiting sixth and seventh albums - Fijacin Oral, Vol. 1 and Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 (2005). The composition of the second album Hips Do not Lie was the most successful in the XXI century.

In 2007, Shakira sang with Beyonce song Veautiful Liar and won awards for her MTV VMA. It's not only her experience of the duo. This was followed by a joint record with Mercedes Sosa, Gustavo and Carlos Vives Surat.
The eighth and ninth discs She Wolf (2009) with an emphasis in electronic music and Sale el Sol (2010) also have received good reviews, but have not received any of promotion because of a strained relationship with Epic Records. But it at least, Sale el sol was awarded the winning 6 Billboard de la Musica Latina (for a total of 13 nominations).

Shakira's official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) became the best-selling World Cup song of all time.
In 2013, Shakira was invited as a judge on the show "The Voice" (4th and 6th season).
In 2014 he released the single Can not Remember to Forget You - «beginning» of the tenth album Shakira.
Shakira founded the charitable foundation, which finances the opening of schools for children from low-income families across Colombia. The singer regularly give charity concerts and is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Personal life
Over 10 years Shakira's relationship lasted for a son of Argentine President Fernando de la Rua Antonio. Unfortunately, this affair ended very ugly. Lawyer Roy demanded Shakira money, threatening to file a lawsuit for $ 250 million. As a result, he filed a claim for $ 100 million. It was the sum he appreciated his advice Shakira in the pop business.
Shakira found happiness with the Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique in 2010. Since the lovers together, they have two sons - Milan (2013 born) and Sasha (born 2015).