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Gallery images and information: Shailene Woodley


Shailene Woodley - American actress. Best known for the project "The Secret Life of the American Teenager", "Descendants", "divergents" and "Blame the stars."

Shailene Woodley was born in 1991 in California. Birthday Star "divergents" celebrates November 15 (Scorpio Zodiac sign). Her father - the director of the school, and his mother - a school psychologist. My parents separated when I was a teenager Shayleen. The family as a boy - the younger brother of actress Tanner.
As a teenager, Shayleen have had serious problems with the spine. She even had to wear a corset to straighten the spine.

On the big screen debut in Shayleen childhood. At the age of 8, she starred in the film "Replacing the pope." But the really famous actress after starring in the TV series "The Secret Life of the American Teenager", which played the role of a girl who became pregnant at age 15 and who decided to keep the baby. Talent to play this role, Woodley was nominated for five awards Teen Choice Awards, and later - another two. Unfortunately, the girl constantly bypassed rivals, so the reward she has never received. But later Shayleen awarded the prize "Independent Spirit" and a nomination for the "Golden Globe" (2012) for his role in the drama "The Descendants," which played with George Clooney.
In 2012 Woodley got a small role in the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man", but her scenes were not included in the final cut. Certainly the filmmakers superhero now this regret.

Shayleen never lose heart and believed in his finest hour, as the Scorpions - very purposeful zodiac sign.
The next breakthrough in the career of the actress was the main role in the movie-dystopia "divergents." The plot - the events of the future. After World War II, all the people were divided into five factions - according to his abilities and inclinations, as determined by the test. During testing, the main character Beatrice Prior is "divergents" that is, at the same time refers to the several fractions. Divergents dangerous for the current government, because they are difficult to manage. She is forced to hide their multifaceted nature. The film was a real blockbuster that inspired its creators to shoot sequel titled "divergents, Chapter 2: the insurgents." After the release of "divergents" Shayleen become a real star - her name in big budget films, her outfits have criticized fashion experts.

Next Woodley bright work - the main role in the melodrama "Blame the Stars," which, incidentally, was the best film of the year according to the MTV Movie Awards. The film tells the love story between cancer patients young people. Tape loosely bestseller by John Green. So Shayleen true to itself - again a cautionary tale.
Other films of recent years involving Woodley - "exciting time", "White Bird in a Blizzard", "Snowden".

Interesting Facts
The actress is serious about his work and the role of art in people's lives. Therefore, two years she has been without a job at all - less is more.
Shayleen refused unworthy, in its view, roles. For example, Shailene Woodley absolutely do not like 'Twilight'. She believes that this film does not teach young people. Another thing - "divergents." Here the characters are fighting for justice against the system.
Shailene Woodley hardly uses cosmetics and prefer the convenience of style casual.