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Gallery images and information: Sean Connery


Sean Connery: A Biography

Sean Connery was born in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital. His parents were ordinary workers profession. Mother, Effie McLean was a cleaner and his father, Joy Connery, laborer and took up the matter any comer. The family lived in a poor apartment block of flats. Up to five years Sean slept in a drawer chest of drawers in the bedroom Parents. However, later his living conditions are not improved too: in the five years he was given in the kitchen area.

Even more crippled the financial situation of a family birth of a second child - Neil Connery. Therefore, eight Sean gets a job. In the morning before school hours boy helped the milkman deliver the ordered goods from door to door, and after school worked in a butcher's shop and the post office. So Sean used to be fully responsible for himself and become independent and strong-willed.

The main passion of his childhood Sean Connery was a sport, especially football. This lesson he devoted all of the remaining free time, and sometimes chasing the ball and instead of sitting in the classroom. When the future star of screens was thirteen years old, his father was seriously injured in the workplace, he suffered face and hands. Sean had to finally leave high school Darroch, which he attended from first grade, and start working full-time.
Monotonous dreary life did not satisfy the ambitious young man, and at age 17 he joined the Royal Navy of Great Britain. However, very soon Sean realized that his independent character unquestioningly obey the orders of the commanders - is extremely difficult. On the basis of the stress does not stop the young man opens a stomach ulcer and after serving only two years, he was the reserve with a meager pension of six weekly pounds and without the right to restore the military service.
Subsequent years were designated permanent change professions. He managed to get laborer, loader, driver, a lifeguard at the pool, and even a model. In parallel with the work of Connery strenuously engaged in bodybuilding at the gym, frequents the dance floor, and does not hesitate to start one affair after another.

In 1953, Sean Connery was going to London for the competition, "Mr. Universe", which occupies the third place. After that success, he manages to attract the attention of theater producer and Connery received a supporting role in one of the productions. Profession actor captured the novice artist. He realized that it was what he wanted.
As a result, thanks to external data, hard work and innate talent, the actor becomes the main star of the show "South Pacific," which does not leave the scene for 2.5 years. It was then that he cut his full name Sean Thomas, discarding the first part. After Sean Connery theatrical furore and wanted to conquer the world of cinema. But the first attempts were failures. He was denied the directors of such films as "The Boy on a Dolphin", "tide in the afternoon", "Lily the spring."

Easy progress on the set began in late autumn 1956. The actor starred in several low-budget and very obscure films, such as "no turning back", "Hell Drivers", "castle with clockwork," "Risky action." The first more or less successful work can assume the role of boxer in the TV movie "Requiem for a heavyweight." The next picture was also good - "In another time, in another place", where his partner was the famous actress Lana Turner.

But the real popularity, even konnerimaniya, came in 1962, when the screens out the film "Dr. No", where the actor brilliantly played secret agent 007 James Bond. Then, with a gap of one year to continue out action adventure about Mr. Bond - "From Russia with Love", "Goldfinger", "Thunderball" and "You Only Live Twice". In 1971 - the next series of "Diamonds Are Forever".