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Gallery images and information: Sandra Bullock


Sandra Annette Bullock - American actress, who is one of the highest paid and most popular "stars" of Hollywood. It has its own production company, Fortis Films & Bistro Bess. The winner of the prestigious "Golden Globe" and "Oscar".

Sandra Bullock was born in Arlington (Washington) in 1964, on July 26. At the time, in an interview with Sandra he called reporters several different dates, so the age of the actress can not speak with absolute certainty. As a child, Sandra had to travel a lot, the family moved several times from America to Europe. The mother of the future "stars" Helga Meyer was a famous opera singer, his father, John Bullock taught vocal. The creative atmosphere in the family, of course, reflected in Sandra. However, to engage in classical music, the girl did not want to categorically.

After graduating from high school Bullock decided to devote himself to law. She rents the exams and entered the University of East Carolina. After a while, Sandra realizes that the legal profession - is not it. Bullock goes to New York, hoping to become a model or a flight attendant. The aspiring actress moonlighted as a waitress in restaurants and cheap eateries. Finally, to save money, Sandra comes to acting classes.

Sandra Bullock - the beginning of a stellar career
First there were minor roles in the "off-Broadway" productions, which have helped the young actress to attract the attention of film critics. Sandra noticed and was invited to the TV series. The first serious work Bullock was the role in the sitcom "working girl" (1990). Only three years later became the actress begins to take seriously.
Sandra at the time starred in five films, including "The Destroyer" with Sylvester Stallone. In this role, Bullock was selected from hundreds of contestants personally famous Sly. In 90 years, Sandra starred in a rather famous paintings "Elixir of Love No. 9," "The Thing Called Love" and "Fighting with Ernest Hemingway," where Bullock was lucky enough to play with Shirley MacLaine.

Sandra Bullock - gaining popularity
Sandra brought real fame picture Jan de Bont "Speed". Working with a "star" like Keanu Reeves immediately made world famous actress. The idea directors spectators were breathlessly watch the fearless cop played by Reeves. And it happened that the audience sympathized longer brave girl behind the wheel of the bus bomb.
The role in "Speed" Bullock brought a lot of different awards, she was the best actress (genre - thriller). Sandra brilliant work attracted the attention of Hollywood producers and directors. The next few years, the actress shines in the action movie "Network," "A Time to Kill," was followed by roles in serious dramatic films: "While You Were Sleeping" and "In Love and War."

Sandra Bullock - the most notable roles
In 1997, Sandra Bullock starred in the sequel to "Speed", but "Speed ​​2" becomes the biggest financial failure of the year. The actress decided to focus his career on comedies and she manages it. It may be noted wonderful movie 90 "Force of Nature" with Ben Affleck, "28 Days," "Practical Magic."
Undoubted success was the picture of the year 2000 "Miss Congeniality." The film grossed about two hundred million dollars, and Sandra was nominated for the "Golden Globe". Critics praised the game Bullock in the interracial drama "The Clash" (2005). The film received many awards at film shows and became a hit rolled. Among recent works Sandra Bullock especially remember the painting "The Blind Side" (2009) and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" (2011).

Sandra Bullock - personal life
In 20 years, Sandra Bullock married Jean-Michel Vincent, but the marriage soon fell apart. Sandra is not very willing to talk about it with reporters. Subsequently, the Hollywood beauty had a lot of novels, among the former beloved actress - actor Matthew McConaughey, Tate Donovan, Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves.
In 2005, Sandra married rocker Jesse James. It would be quite a happy marriage, but five years later the couple broke up because of Jesse changed. In 2010, the actress has adopted a child, she had long dreamed of a baby and now perfectly happy. According to the "yellow" press soon have a little brother Louis will (Sandra plans to adopt a second child).

Sandra Bullock - Interesting Facts
Sandra Bullock - the first actress received the "Oscar" and "Golden Raspberry" in one day.
In Bullock has a personal Star (number 6801) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
It Bullock could play in the movie "Runaway Bride."
The actress is allergic to horses.
Sandra Bullock - day today
Sandra Bullock is perhaps the most controversial Hollywood actress: some admired her, others argue that it is not able to play completely. Still, Sandra represents dedication and fragile girl with an unusual and lively thinking. It is not just playing their roles - it is their lives. In November 2012 it is planned the world premiere of the latest film featuring this wonderful actress - fi thriller "Gravity".