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Gallery images and information: Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds was born in Vancouver, October 23, 1976. His father - a retired policeman Canadian Mounted Police, and his mother, a saleswoman retail store, were far from the world of art, however, the boy from early childhood dreamed of becoming a famous actor.
At school boy with friends in the comedy group "Yellow Snow". Parents and brothers Ryan thought dreamer and an eccentric, but the future actor stubbornly went to his dream. In 1994, Ryan finished his studies in high school and enrolled in Kitsilano prestigious Kwantlen University College.

Ryan Reynolds - the beginning of a stellar career
More boys Reynolds "lit up" in the popular Canadian teen series "Fifteen." The role was small, but erudition, good looks and a great sense of humor Ryan took their toll: he managed to create an attractive image, funny and ironic.
Not surprisingly, the aspiring actor began to receive numerous invitations from the directors. For the "fifteen-year" followed by "Ordinary Magic" (1993), "The Odyssey" (1992-1994), "My name is Kate." Ryan likes to shoot and Inspired by the success, he was constantly amazed spectators a good game. In a short time, Reynolds tried his hand in many popular genres, and always received great pleasure from work.

Ryan Reynolds - gaining popularity
Pretty soon the low-budget soap operas changed this blockbuster: "Smokin 'Aces" (2006), "Friends president" (1999), "Fireflies in the Garden" (2008), "The Clinic". Critics and audiences have become reasonably to believe that the mere presence of Ryan Reynolds in the cast of the film provides cash and popularity.

Ryan Reynolds - the most notable roles
A total of 32 roles filmography Reynolds. Particularly popular actor received after the release of pictures of "Van Wilder" (2002). Critics appreciated the work of Ryan, which put it on par with the most famous Hollywood stars. Ryan tried himself in a totally different genres. He prefers the role of the interesting film with a gripping storyline. Such work can be called the movie "Blade. Trinity". Actor remarkably embodied on-screen image of Hannibal King. This role is different from other projects Reynolds, because the actor was required to demonstrate good physical data, which fell to him by his father - a former policeman and a boxer. In 2011, two films with the participation of Reynolds - "Change" and "Green Lantern", which became the most prominent in the work of the actor.

Ryan Reynolds - personal life
Ryan's personal life can not be called an unstable and chaotic. His first serious hobby became Rachel Leigh Cook. With this actress Reynolds met more than a year. Another great love was the actor Alanis Morissette. The couple met almost five years, however, after the announcement of the engagement in 2004, they broke up. May 5, 2008 Ryan Reynolds married actress Scarlett Johansson. The wedding took place near Vancouver, in the resort of Tofino. But after two years in love divorced. Journalists attributed Reynolds lot of high-profile romances, and now the actor met with popular actress Blake Lively (Blake Lively), known to viewers from the TV series "Gossip Girl."

Ryan Reynolds - the interesting facts of life
Alcoholic drinks exclusively Reynolds prefers whiskey.
Ryan is afraid of heights and flying on airplanes. These phobias were the actor after he jumped with a parachute that did not open the first time.
When the actor was on holiday in Indonesia, along with Alanis Morissette tsunami struck the island.
Ryan could play Ksandara Harris ("Buffy - the Vampire Slayer"). Subsequently, the role went to Nicholas Brendon.
She auditioned for the role of Murdock ("Team" A ").

Ryan Reynolds - day today
Today, Ryan Reynolds is, perhaps, all he wanted to achieve at the beginning of his career - the respect of colleagues, critical acclaim, admiration of the audience. It is famous, rich and young. However, the actor does not want to stop there, believing that the best role yet to come. In his last interview Reynolds said he is close to completing preparations for the filming of the movie "Deadpool" in which he starred. So all fans of this wonderful actor will soon again see it on the screen.