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Gallery images and information: Russell Crowe


In New Zealand, in Wellington, April 7, 1964, was born the next world-famous film actor Russell Crowe. Many members of his family were connected with show business - grandfather, Stan Vemis, is the winner of Film Award More World War II, and profession of parents - Jocelyn and Alex - were also closely associated with the world of television and film. As a result, the family had to travel a lot. When he was four years old, they moved to the largest city in Australia - Sydney. Even then, Russell Crowe has often been on the set of different movies and TV shows. The kid was just fascinated by the mystery called television. The 12-year-old, he starred in the popular TV series at that time, "the young doctor".

The 14-year-old Russell Crowe returned to Australia and continued schooling. At the same time he became friends with Dean Hohranom, with whom they formed a musical group "Roman fun." Crowe has made great strides in this field and recorded a couple of songs, taking the stage name Russ Le Rock. But he never came to be a rock star, so we had to earn their bread themselves in many different ways - to work as a waiter in a restaurant washing dishes and even play with the elderly bingo. When his peers studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Russell Crowe thought he did not need education, because he knows enough about the actor's craft, to still have someone to learn.

Russell Crowe - the beginning of a stellar career
Even with such recklessness, luck did not turn away from the guy and at nineteen he was invited to play in "The Rocky Horror Show». It was about 415 performances in 1986-88, respectively. Also, Russell Crowe earned a street actor and waiter and persistently attended all sorts of samples in the movies. After filming the TV series "Neighbours", Russell was invited to the 1990 motion picture "Prisoners of the Sun". But really his luck in the twenty-five years old when Crowe wins the main role in the film "Crossroads" directed by George Ogilvie. He asked the guy, whatever he wanted to play a role in his film, then replied that "everything", although in fact only dreamed about the role of Johnny Raina, who was the protagonist of the film.

Russell Crowe - gaining popularity
Even the fact that after taking part in the film "Proof" it awarded the Australian Film Institute as Best Supporting Actor, felt really popular Russell Crowe only in 1992, when was released motion picture "Skins." Although this reel of film critics was adopted quite cool because of the popularization of racism in Australia itself has become one of the best-selling projects of the year. For his role in this movie, Crowe awarded the Australian Guild of Film Critics and the Australian Film Institute.

The most notable role of Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe gradually began to receive invitations from Hollywood. In 1995, he played a major role in the movie "The Quick and the Dead" and "virtual", and in 1997 - in "LA Confidential." He was twice nominated for the "Oscar" in 2001 after taking part in the film "A Beautiful Mind," where he played the role of John Nash in 1999 for the shooting in the movie "The Insider." Herself Russell Crowe received the award for his role as commander Maximus in the movie "Gladiator", which was released in 2000.

Personal life Russell Crowe
More on the set of "Perekrestok", he met singer and actress Danielle Spencer and they have long remained only friends. In 2003, the couple tied the knot and they have two sons growing up - in December 2003. Charlie was born, and 7 July 2006 - Spencer Crowe. The actor is a model of an exemplary husband and father.

Russell Crowe - Interesting Facts
When Russell at the age of ten he played rugby, he lost a front tooth. Insert it just before the shooting in the movie "Crossroads" and because the director insisted on it, that is paid for a tooth out of his pocket.
In 2002, after participating in a brawl in a London restaurant, Russell Crowe said that he needed to go to Australia to spend more time with his girlfriend (Spencer) and his father, as well as relax.
Russell Crowe has a star on the Hollywood "Walk of Fame"

Russell Crowe - day today
When Crowe free of filming, it lives with his family on a farm of about 600 acres, which is not far from Sydney. At the moment it is removed in Portsmouth in the film «Les Miserables», which plays a formidable inspector. Director Darren Aronofsky also offered him a major role in the movie "Noah." Russell Crowe plans to shoot a film-drama "77," in which the first act directed himself starred.