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Gallery images and information: Rupert Friend


Rupert Friend: biography

William Anthony Rupert Friend was born October 1, 1981 in the village of Stounsfild in Britain. His family was wealthy and respected mother Caroline Freund was a lawyer leading the preparation of court materials company «Turpin and Millar Solicitors», and his father worked as a Friend Nicolas art historian. Life in a small town was not very exciting, and like all boys his age Rupert often get involved in a fight, and almost all the free time spent on the street. The family did not have a VCR Friend, they did not visit the cinema and for a long time the boy did not even know of the existence of cinema. Rupert was the first movie picture about an American archaeologist Indiana Jones, he looked to the movies with his uncle. Young Friend caught fire dream travel around the world and to repeat the feats of his idol, becoming an archaeologist. Soon, however, the guy found out that not all archaeologists led such an interesting life as his favorite movie character. Then the next actor turned his attention to the role of artist Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones and fired up a new dream of becoming an actor.

Rupert attended secondary school «Marlborough», which was located at one of the churches in the town of Woodstock. The boy is also taught in the school and college Shervel «d`Overbroeck`s» Oxford.
After school, Rupert secretly filed papers at the Academy of Dramatic Art in London Webber Douglas did. The parents were not thrilled with the large choice of profession son, because they thought the acting thing is quite risky business, and would prefer to Rupert became a lawyer. By his own admission Freund, it is rather late started acting.
In 2010, the actor first made his debut on the stage of London's theater staged by Douglas Carter Bean «The Little Dog Laughed».

Rupert Friend: Movies
In 2003, the young actor Rupert Friend, who at that time was still a student at the Academy, was invited to the shooting of a British-Australian project "Libertine", where the main role played by the popular American actor Johnny Depp. The movie became a debut not only for Friend, but for director Laurence Dunmore picture. The film was shown in cinemas in November 2004. During his secondary role, Rupert won the category "Most Promising Newcomer" award and "Sputnik" as "a outstanding new talent". Picture enjoyed incredible success, which also affected the fame and popularity of the young talented actor.
Rupert actively attended auditions for films and was chosen for the role of Mr. George Wickham in the historical drama "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen novel. Once again, the young actor was in full-length film, which were involved in the stars of world cinema and British actress Keira Knightley and actor Matthew Makfeld. The film was released in 2005 and was nominated for numerous awards, among them the American "Oscar".

In 2005, screens out American movie "Mrs. Palfrey at Claremont", where the actor has got a major role in tandem with the British actress Joan Plowright.
Two years later, Rupert took part in the shooting of feature film "The Last Legion", which tells about the time of the fall of Rome. In the film, the actor went to the secondary role of Demetrius, but the picture did not enjoy great success. Yet the actor brought success - Freund are increasingly being invited to the US-British draft.

In 2008, Freund made his debut as a writer: together with his friend of actor Tom environment Missoni he wrote his first screenplay for the short film "The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers." Starring in the movie also played Rupert and Tom.
In 2009, the British actor has appeared in two motion pictures in the form of the main characters. In the British comedy "Cheri," directed by Stephen Frears, Rupert played the title role - a spoiled young man Cherie, whose life is closely connected with the character of the legendary American actress Michelle Pfeiffer. The film was warmly received by critics and received three awards for best music and costume design. The second picture, 2009 "The Young Victoria" about the life of the young Queen Victoria and her marriage to Prince Albert, who brilliantly played a Friend.

In 2012, Rupert made his debut as an actor in American television series "stranger among us". The project was a huge success with the audience, and in the third season of a minor character Freund was one of the main characters in the movie. Currently, the series has had five seasons and channel management «Showtime» is not planning to close a profitable project.

In 2014, it was announced that Rupert Friend was invited to the role of Agent 47 in the film "Hitman: Agent 47". Actor replaced on the set who was tragically killed Paul Walker, who had originally been selected for the role. Filming started in March 2014 and held in Berlin. The film is a film adaptation of the popular video game series about the adventures of the hired killer known only as "Agent 47". For an actor, this is the first large-scale and big-budget American movie that could make him a star in Hollywood. The premiere is scheduled for tape August 21, 2015.