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Gallery images and information: Rowan Atkinson


Rowan Atkinson: biography

Name Rowan Atkinson is inextricably linked with the famous character Mr. Bean, a hero of the eponymous series. This role has brought fame to the British comedian, as well as millions of loyal fans around the world. The original and memorable appearance on a par with an unforgettable facial expressions made him one of Britain's most recognizable stars.

Rowan was born in a large family of 6 January 1955 in the small mountain town of Consett. His parents had no relation to the television or the stage. Father Eric doing farm and his mother, Ella Mae to help him and has three children. Already in childhood, the boy had a very unique facial expressions, capable of almost any laugh than Atkinson often worked in the school. There he was known as a major joker and a clown, making the Rowan one of the most recognizable and memorable students.

At age 11, he was transferred to a prestigious school Chorister, which at the time was studying the future Prime Minister Tony Blair. Later, Rowan moved to another closed private school St. Bis, located in the northwest of England. It paid much attention to various sports disciplines in which Atkinson felt very uncomfortable. His physique was far from an athletic and fast workout afflicted. Classmates are often made fun of the weak kid, and then Rowan decided to take advantage of it. In the locker room, he parodied the teachers, turning into pure ridicule and admiration for its children comedic talent. Because of this he was able to go through the shame that is felt by his helplessness in sport and earn the respect of adolescents.

After college, the future actor began to feel awkward for her teenage clowning and isolated, becoming very serious and humble guy. About his career on the stage, Atkinson did not even think, in his mind loomed serious prospects in the scientific path. Rowan easily entered the University of Newcastle in the Faculty of Electronics. Physics comedian adored since childhood and catchy large formula can cause tremors in many people with humanitarian mindset. Engineering has always given to him easily, so after graduation Rowan was invited to Oxford, where he was to write a doctoral thesis. It was during training in the actor's life were wonderful people: writer Richard Curtis and composer Howard Goodall, who became his best friends and colleagues in your future career.

Atkinson engaged in play-acting and clowning in the second year, just got into a good company, who do not see my life without a scene. He became a member of the Club of experimental theater and drama community, the University of Oxford. His humorous skits enjoyed great popularity among students and teachers, which allowed Rowan easily win several comedy festivals. Scripts actor wrote in collaboration with his friend Curtis, who is also in the future, has achieved considerable success in the field of cinema.
After receiving a master's degree Atkinson as part of the theater group "Etceteras" I went on a tour of England.

Rowan Atkinson, "Mr Bean"
Rowan quickly earned a reputation as a rising star of the comedy scene in Britain. His first step to international recognition was a radio show with the straightforward title "People Atkinson." Co-author of the actor once again became the friend and colleague Richard Curtis. Satirical interview allegedly taken Rowan have invented them as characters in great demand among listeners.

On TV Atkinson got through another comedian Dave Angus. Their joint performance was captured on film and shown in one of the shows. Later, the actor proposed to remove its own program "is not nine-hour news", whose producer was John Lloyd. Not without old friends. Howard Goodall became a composer and wrote the music for the show memorable, and Richard Curtis created a few episodes of the picture. Sketch show aired in October 1979 and almost immediately became incredibly famous in Britain.
After a successful debut on the television actor was invited to the medieval comedy "Black Adder" finally secured him the glory of one of the most popular comedians in England. Rowan appeared to television viewers in the role of Edward, Earl of Edinburgh. Prior to filming the actor had no idea how it will look and sound like the character. Virtually all facial expressions and movements of Edward in the pilot episode of the sitcom became pure improvisation, which proved to be very successful. He also had to cut your hair according to the fashion of the era. The brainchild of Atkinson received many prestigious awards.

World fame came to the comedian after his debut in the role of the character Mr. Bean, first appeared in 1989 in the New Year's issue of the half-hour on TV "Thames Television." Immediately after the New Year came a full self-titled series "Mr Bean". His hero Rowan came up, while still a student at Oxford, some times even appearing in this manner at festivals. In its work, the actor has paid great attention to facial expressions and plastic character, since it is virtually dialogues and rarely speaks. This role helped Atkinson transcend the boundaries of the popularity of Britain and attract audiences abroad.

For five years, the adventures of Mr. Bean was watching the whole world, each series gathered at screens more than twenty million viewers. The incredible success of the series has allowed to create a full-fledged film, which was published in 1997 under the name "Mr. Bean". The image of his famous character actor has repeatedly appeared in numerous shows and television projects, delighting the audience with their colorful performances.

However, Rowan began to tire of the Bean and announced that the film "Mr. Bean's Holiday" will be his last appearance in the image. The film was released in 2007 and was first shown in Russia.

In 2003, the screens out comedy "Johnny Inglish", where the actor walked away from his role of Mr. Bean and played a British intelligence agent John English. The film is a humorous parody of the James Bond movies, the famous spy in the movie. The tape was a success, and the Rowan was awarded "European Film Awards" as "Best Actor". In 2011 came the sequel to "Johnny English Reborn".

In 2012, Atkinson appeared again in the form of a cult hero at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games, where in the framework of the sketch comedy accompanied on the keyboard while performing the song "Chariots of Fire", playing on just one button. After the games, he gave an interview in which he said the end of the career of Mr. Bean. According to him, the role of all difficult to give him the physical side, because the character has an incredibly rich facial expressions. He was also embarrassed by the fact that fifty man behaves on the screen too childish. However, this did not prevent the re-play Rowan Bean advertising popular bars "Snickers", as well as to voice his character in the animated series, released in 2014.

Rowan Atkinson: love life
Rowan often jokes that does not like to give interviews, as journalists always ask him questions about his personal life, which, alas, is not as rich in events as the life of his character Mr. Bean.
Atkinson while dated actress Leslie Ash, but left her. In the late eighties he met Saneste Sestri makeup artist who worked on the television channel "BBC". Their relations have been developing very rapidly, and in 1990 they were married. First modestly in close family circle, and then held a grand ceremony in the heart of London, where they invited nearly eighty people. In marriage, the couple had two wonderful children: a girl Lily, who went to his father's footsteps and become an actress, and a boy, Benjamin.

In 2013, Rowan filed for divorce, and soon began to appear in the company of actress Louise Ford, whom he met a year ago during his speech in the theater, "West End" in the play "Quartermaine's Terms".