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Gallery images and information: Robert De Niro


BIOGRAPHY Robert De Niro

Robert Mario De Niro Jr. was born August 17, 1943 in New York, the United States in a creative family of parents involved in artistic activities. At the time, the father and mother of the future actor was very popular in the art world. When he was two years, parents separated. In school, Robert participated in stage productions. His first role was a character from a fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz." Due to work commitments mother could not pay due attention to the son, and the age of fourteen man contacted the wrong crowd and started to steal. After another incident, the father took the teenager to her. Robert was not able to complete their primary education. In the early 60s he went to study at the Lee Strasberg College, where learned the basics of acting. Four years later, De Niro has moved to France, where a year later appeared on the big screen, playing in a small episode in the drama "Three rooms in Manhattan."

At the end of the 60s, the premiere comedy tape "Wedding" where an aspiring actor created the image of the friend of the groom. In 1973, Robert was approved at a major role in the dramatic film "Bang the Drum Slowly," in which he played a member of a baseball team, dying from an incurable disease. This work earned De Niro critical acclaim and one of the film awards. After the premiere of the tape, Robert decides to move to Hollywood. In the same year the actor landed the lead role in the film "Mean Streets", where he masterfully turned into a street thug. The following year, started the second part of crime drama "The Godfather" starring Robert De Niro in one of the leading roles, which earned him a gold statuette. In 1976 he made his debut thriller "Taxi Driver", which tells the story of a young man to get a job and a cab confronted with the truth of a street in the world. This brilliant work brought actor nomination for the most prestigious Film Award of the American cinema.

In the early 80s, Robert was involved in the drama "Raging Bull," where he played the role of a famous boxer. For this work, the actor had to recover for a few dozen kilos, but sacrifices were not in vain, De Niro has earned another "Oscar". Four years later, Robert participated in the filming of the gangster tapes "Once in America", which appeared in the form of one of the four friends, who made his fortune in the criminal business. In the early 90s, the premiere of the psychological thriller "Cape Fear" with Robert De Niro. This film tells the story of a rapist who spent a long time and went out to freedom, wants to take revenge on the family of a lawyer to defend him in court. In the mid 90s the actor was involved in the role of the doctor in the dramatic film "Marvin's Room." In the twenty-first century, Robert flashed in three parts of the comedy of "Meet the Parents", where he played an erratic father of the bride.

De Niro's first wife was a representative of the music scene Dianne Abbott, who gave birth to a son. In the late 80s the couple parted. For a long time, the actor was living in a civil marriage with a fashion model in the past Tookie Smith. In the mid 90s the couple were born just two boys. Two years later, the wedding of actor and his girlfriend Grace Hightower, who a year later gave birth to a boy, and in 2011 the goal girl.