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Gallery images and information: Richard Gere


The famous American actor Richard Gere was born on August 31, 1949 in Pennsylvania. The family of his parents Anglo-Irish descent. The father of the actor, Homer Gere, worked for an insurance company, and his mother, Doris Tiffany, was a housewife. In addition to Richard, the family has five children. Richard was born the second child of the account, and at first there was no sign of his "future star". He and his brothers and sisters, parents tried to instill a sense of beauty, so Richard as a child had to play different instruments (guitar, trumpet, piano and bass).
Himself Richard Gere, as adults, very warmly about his childhood: "the house we had a very warm atmosphere." Even as a schoolboy, the future world-famous actor played the role of Santa Claus. Suit for his mother sewed: Santa's belly "contrived" from the pillow, and his beard was made using cotton wool. Somewhat later, at age fourteen, Richard played the president of America.
After high school, the future actor two years studying drama and philosophy at the University of Massachusetts. After his studies, he was an actor of the theater, sometimes played in a rock band.

Richard Gere - the beginning of a stellar career
Start a stellar career as an actor took place in 1975. Richard Gere turned at that time 26 years old: a fairly typical age for American cinema. Two years later, the actor played a role in the film "Looking for Mr. Goodbar", directed by Richard Brooks. Skill actor appreciated not only the audience, but also critics, and he began to get very attractive offers. Among them, for example, they were: the painting "American residential," directed by Paul Schrader and film "Days of harvest" Terence Malik.

Richard Gere - gaining popularity
The real turning point in his career was the main role in the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman": after this role Richard Gere becomes a real sex symbol of the film industry. After forty years, the actor starred in the famous melodramatic tale "Pretty Woman." The success of this film Richard Gere brought a long-awaited glory.

Richard Gere - most notable roles
Other popular movie with Richard Gere: "Final Analysis" (1992), "Blood Brothers" (1978), "Runaway Bride" (1999), "The Hoax" (2006), Congregation (2007), "Hachiko" (2008 ).

Richard Gere - personal life
Unfortunately, the details of the personal lives of the famous actor known slightly, although all sorts of rumors. Richard Gere tries to carefully hide from the public information about their love affairs. It may sound implausible, but in his youth the future actor was a shy, probably so serious love came to him at the age of 22 years old. With his first passion, he lived a civil marriage 5 years. Exactly the same relationship lasted and Sylvia Martins, an artist from Brazil.
In 1991, Richard Gere was married to a young Cindy Crawford. At the time of the wedding he was already 42 years old, and she's only 25. However, the marriage did not last long, only four years. The young wife was unable to drag Richard Buddhism.
In 1996, the actor met with 35-year-old Larry Lowell, who played the girlfriend of James Bond in the movie "License to Kill", and now she is his wife. In 2000, the family of Richard Gere and Lowell Larry son was born, he was named Homer James Jigme Gere.

Richard Gere - interesting facts of life
Pretty little known fact is that Richard Gere at first did not want to star in one of the most popular of his films - "Pretty Woman." Two times the actor declined the offer of producers under the pretext that he had not liked the script of the film.
The creators of the picture, on the contrary, as Cary Grant did not see any other actor. The situation changed after Gere learned that with him will be shot Julia Roberts, and saw her. In one interview, he admitted to reporters that the actress he liked, but the ultimate factor in the decision of the actor, became a banal lack of money.
The biggest passions of the actor that he carried throughout his life, began to meditation and Buddhism.

Richard Gere - day today
Now Richard Gere continues to appear in new scenes, showing us the audience, bright facets of his talent. The actor has a luxurious mansion on the East Coast, but still "sick" of Tibet.