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Gallery images and information: Rebecca Ferguson


Rebecca Ferguson: biography

Rebecca Ferguson Louise Sundström was born October 19, 1983 in Stockholm. Her mother, Rosemary, is British by birth, he moved to Sweden at the age of twenty-five years, where she met with the father of her daughter, a Swede. However, their marriage broke up, when she was still a child. With six years Rebecca went to an English school, two years later she moved to the Swedish secondary school. With thirteen years of future actress she worked as a model, acting for local magazines and advertising clothes. As a student, Ferguson is seriously interested in music and went to music school Adolf Fredriksen, from which she graduated in 1999.
At eighteen, Swedish actress lived for almost a year in the United States in the city of Miami, where, in addition to participating in the shooting, surfing and diving.
A year later, Rebecca seriously fascinated by the study of history and religion, which further helped her during filming in historical films. After the success of the Swedish television actress decided to take personal life and with her boyfriend moved to Simrishamn on the south coast of Sweden. There, she devoted herself to raising her son, the head of the parallel operation of the Argentine dance studio and acting in short films.

Rebecca Ferguson: Movies
Rebecca Ferguson made her debut on television in Sweden melodramatic series "New Times" on the TV channel «TV4», when she was only fifteen years old. The girl went to the main role of Anna Gripenhilm. The series was launched in 1999 and initially had a good performance rating, but with each successive season ratings serial picture fell. As a result, in 2006 the management of the channel decided to close the project. This series did Rebecca is very popular actress in Sweden. It will have its own fans and good suggestions of filming, but in no hurry artist fully devote his life to cinema.

In 2002, it screens out another melodrama "Ocean Avenue," where she played the role of Chrissy Ericson, appearing in several episodes. The series filmed in cooperation with the American studio for almost a year and the actress moved to America.
In 2004, she starred in the Swedish horror film "The Spirit of drowning." Swedish film star received one of the main roles in the film. Critics pretty cool attitude to the film directed by Mikael Hafstrom, alluding to the similarity of the project with the American movie "Halloween" and "Friday, the 13th." However, this did not prevent the film received several awards, including Best Director and Best Original Score.
After this picture and closing the series "New Times" Rebecca took up family life, having left the Swedish hinterland. There, away from the media's attention, she took part in the shooting of short films of local filmmakers, among them are the paintings such as the "Plus", "Irresistible" and others.

In 2008, Ferguson has once again appeared on television, taking part in the filming of an episode of the painting "Wallander".
In 2011, in one of the supermarkets Simrishamn actress remarked director Richard Hobert and offered her the lead role in his feature film "Before Antibes at one end." This picture of the actress opened the way to the world of serious full-length movies.

Talented Rebecca noticed in London, where she was invited to audition in the historical serial film "White Queen". In samples girl offered to play two scenes in front of the entire set, including the main actor of the series Max Irons. The only thing that the actress knew at the time about his character, it was a young and strong personality, who became queen, and a widow then. Ferguson auditioned and was approved for the role of Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward the Fourth. The premiere of the show took place in 2013 on the TV channel «BBC One». Ten serial historical film has been extremely positively received by both audiences and critics alike. Rebecca Ferguson talked about all over the world, she was nominated for the prestigious "Golden Globe" in the nomination "Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV movie."
In 2013, Rebecca received the first offer from Hollywood to film in the comic book adaptation "Hercules" from director Brett Ratner. The actress played Eugene, daughter of the king of Thrace Cotys. The film was released in 2014, along with another picture of a mighty warrior Hercules, Ferguson opened the way to the American cinema.

In 2014, the actress once again took part in the filming of the historical series, but in the United States. The history of "Red Tent" tells about the times of the Old Testament patriarchs in Genesis. The actress won the role of Dinah, the main character of the drama, the lead story about the life of his family. Filming of the series took place in Morocco, and the picture was released in winter 2014.

In 2014, it became known that the actress was given a role in the popular series of films about the adventures of Ethan Hunt "Mission Impossible." Rebecca had to play in a film with such stars of world cinema like Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Jeremy Renner. The actress played the role of a British special agent Lisa Faust. To implement this way Rebecca had to spend more than six weeks for the study of different techniques ranging from martial arts, finishing shooting. Most of the stunts in the film actress perform on their own. In recognition of the Rebecca, shooting helped her to get rid of a lot of fear and play with such famous actors like Tom Cruise has become invaluable for her acting experience. The premiere of the movie "Mission Impossible: Tribe rogue" scheduled for July 30, 2015.