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Gallery images and information: Ralph Fiennes


Ralph Fiennes: biography

Ralph Fiennes was born in the English town of Ipswich is located in Suffolk. He was the first child of writer Jennifer Lash and photographer Mark Fiennes known. Father Ralph came from an impoverished aristocratic family photo sessions and to unsuccessfully tried his hand at farming and construction. In addition to the first-born Mark and Jennifer had five children. The sons - Joseph, who became well-known actor, Magnus, the future composer, and Jacob, a fighter for the rights of animals and the preservation of the environment. Daughters - Sophie and Martha, who are successful filmmakers. Besides receiving the boy's parents brought up Michael, who came into the family 11 years of age.

Endowed with talent and other close relatives Rafe. From the most famous may be noted cousin traveler Ranulf Tvislton-Vaykhem-Fiennes, cousin-writer William Fiennes and nephew Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, who played the character Ralph Fiennes as a child in the Harry Potter saga.
When Ralph was 11 years old, the family moved to Ireland, where the boy began to attend school. Prior to that, he was homeschooled. After graduating from high school on their own Fiennes returned to England and entered the College of Art in London, where he began to study painting. But very quickly find yourself another hobby - theater, so after years of study casts college and began to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.
Even during the training participated in many productions, playing mostly classical pieces. After graduating from the Academy he became a member of the troupe of the National Theatre, and in 2 years - troupe the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. For roles in such plays as "Hamlet," "Henry VI», «Richard II», «King Lear", "Ivanov", "Coriolanus" and "futile effort of love" was awarded the Theatre Award "Tony."

Personal life
In 1983, while studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Ralph Fiennes met with a student Alex Kingston, with whom he formed a romantic relationship. The couple met 10 years, and only in 1993 officially sign it. But after 2 years the actor gets a new novel and the family disintegrates. The official divorce was issued in 1997.

In spring 1995, Fiennes begins dating actress Francesca Annis theater, his senior by 17 years. They lived in a civil marriage of 11 years and broke up in 2006 due to a new romance with Ralph singer Cornelia Crisan from Romania. But the new relationship lasted only a few months.
Ralph Fiennes is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.