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Gallery images and information: Pierce Brosnan


One of the most beautiful men in the world the agent "007" Pierce Brosnan not only captured the hearts of all the ladies of the world, but also performed a benchmark for strong men who know the meaning of life and taste.

Childhood legendary James Bond - Pierce Brosnan was not very fun. He was born in Ireland, in the small town Droera May 16 v1953 year. His father, who worked as a carpenter, and left them with his mother when Pierce was not yet a year old. His mother, Maya was forced to go to London, because it could only get a job as a nurse. Pierce continued to live with his grandmother and grandfather in Ireland. Mother came very rarely, and after the death of grandparents Pierce was in the care of his uncle and aunt, who was quickly identified in the school of Christ Brothers. This school was an incredible rigor and vengeance were used corporal punishment. After several years of study in the school, Pierce Brosnan is still a religion is strong shudder.
After Pierce's mother remarried, she took her son to London, where he saw a completely different life and was first introduced to the cinema. First seen his film "Golfinger" starring Sean Connery won the heart of a young boy. At age 16, after graduation Pierce Brosnan got a job at a photo studio in parallel moonlighting as a greeter. In addition to the love of cinema at Brosnan he had another hobby - he loved painting and developed his artistic talent while studying at the Central College of Art and Design of Saint Martis. But after a chance visit to a theater school, he realized that his vocation - is acting. Pierce Brosnan in 1973 he entered the London School of Drama, in which he studied for three years and beat almost all the classic roles in the English theater. At the same time, Pierce Brosnan met the great love of his life - the actress Cassandra Harris, and in 1980 they were married.

Pierce Brosnan - the beginning of a career
Cassandra Harris saw that her husband was an incredibly talented actor, so persuaded him, after his first serious work in the TV series "The Manions of America", and go on to conquer Hollywood. In 1982, Pierce Brosnan, was invited to act in TV detective series "Remington Steele". Its a great game made it possible to achieve success in popularity, as well as earn and buy two luxury homes in Beverly Hills and Malibu. Pierce Brosnan has become a popular and sought-after actors in Hollywood. In 1992, he starred in the cult film "The Lawnmower Man" and in 1993 he starred with Robin Williams in the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire."

Pierce Brosnan - gaining popularity
Throughout his life, Pierce Brosnan wanted to play the spy of all time, the legendary James Bond. And in 1995, Brosnan smiles a great success and he was invited to the role of the agent "007" in the film "Golden Eye". After the rent, the film grossed $ 350 million, and Pierce Brosnan became the brightest star in Hollywood. His performance and appearance fascinated, charmed and impressed the whole world, and today it is difficult to fasten someone else the agent "007". After such a resounding success of the first scene, followed by no less successful: "Tomorrow Never Dies" and "License to Kill". All of them had fantastic success at the box office. Pierce Brosnan became incredibly famous and highest paid actor of America. Following this success, he was invited to the best blockbusters and Hollywood movies.

Pierce Brosnan - the most important role
The most famous actor of our time Pierce Brosnan starred in an incredible amount of pictures. He has always played a great romantic and courageous characters with a cold mind and a warm heart. Among the most successful works Pierce Brosnan films such as - "The Lawnmower Man" (1992)
- "Mrs. Doubtfire" (1993)
- "Love Story" (1994)
- "Golden Eye" (1995)
- "The Mirror Has Two Faces" (1996)
- "Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997)
- "World Is Not Enough" (1999)
- "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1999)
- "Die, but not now" (2002)
- "Matador" (2005)
- "Ghost" (2010)
- "Mamma Mia" (2008)
- "Remember Me" (2010)
- "The Thomas Crown Affair" (2012)

Pierce Brosnan - personal life
Pierce Brosnan in 1970 met the woman he truly loved - the beautiful actress Cassandra Harris. He immediately adopted her two children from his first marriage, and in 1983 they had a son - Sean William. But their happy family life was upset by the tragic event: Cassandra terrible diagnosis - cancer. Pierce Brosnan became less acting as trying to spend more time with his wife and with her he had until recently resisted the disease, trying to do everything so that she retreated, but in 1991, his wife Cassandra died in his arms.

To endure the pain of loss Brosnan plunged into work. After several successful works Pierce Brosnan gets his cherished role of the agent "007" and his personal life began to improve. Brosnan went to a handsome reputation "macho Hollywood." He had a large number of novels with the most beautiful women of the world, but none of them could not enter into his heart, as once entered his first wife Cassandra.
And only journalist Shane Kelly Smith could again fill life with Pierce Brosnan joy and love. After long years of relationship Kelly gave birth to a son, Pierce - Dillon, and in 2001 they played a magnificent wedding, and in late 2001, they had a second son - Paris. Today, they live in California. Pierce Brosnan has a great support to her son Sean, who followed his father and became an actor.

Pierce Brosnan - Interesting Facts
For contribution to the development of the film industry Pierce Brosnan received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
In the movie "For Your Eyes Only", which was filmed in 1981, the Bond girl played his first wife Cassandra.
Pierce Brosnan - recognized as the most handsome man in the world. Besides the actor Pierce Brosnan activity is interested in painting, and quite successfully sells his paintings through their own websites. Also, in recent years more time to Brosnan's production activities.
Interestingly, Pierce Brosnan hero not only on screen, but in real life. When the film "Percy Jackson" to his partner on the film Uma Thurman at high speed minivan rolled down the hill, but the courage and lightning reaction Brosnan saved actress and Percy proved that heroism had not only on the screen but also in the blood.

Pierce Brosnan - day today
Today, Pierce Brosnan is seriously engaged in the project - the painting "The Thomas Crown Affair 2", in which he not only starred in but also made the producer. The picture is rolling out later this year, Pierce Brosnan, and it is expected to only success.
The most beautiful James Bond - Pierce Brosnan could achieve no less successful than its inspiration in the love for cinema - Sean Connery.