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Gallery images and information: Phoebe Tonkin

Phoebe Tonkin: biography

Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin more familiar to the audience how Phoebe Tonkin, was born in Sydney in July 1989. From a young age he showed a girl his artistry. She was very plastic and mobile, so my parents sent her to a dance school. From 4 years old Phoebe studying both classical performance styles, including ballet and modern - hip-hop and street dance.

With 12 years of Phoebe Tonkin attended courses at the Youth Theatre in Sydney Wharf. It was there that she learned what a clown, musicals and classical performances. The Sydney Theatre frequently staged plays based on the works of William Shakespeare, which was attended by Phoebe. In middle school girl willingly attended youth drama studio at the school in the city Kvinvud Balmoral, which gave her parents, wanting to further develop the artistic abilities of his daughter. She played in the school plays, the most successful of which were "Antigone" and "The Venetian Twins".
In the last year of study in Kvinvude Phoebe Jane Elizabeth she reemerged on the traditional Shakespearean Festival, and even managed to take the top spot for the game in the production of "Midsummer Night's Dream."

Personal life
The young actress is quite difficult to stay in the shadows in recent times her closely watched by journalists and paparazzi. Not once Phoebe gave food to the scandalous stories. The tabloids often appear frivolous images and personal life Tonkin often discussed in the press.
But in September 2013 the girl seems to settle down. She meets with actor Paul Wesley, with whom starred in "The Vampire Diaries." Not long ago, Paul divorced his wife Tori DeVito, and now his name is more often found next to the name of Tonkin. But the couple does not comment on their relationship and tells about future plans.