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Gallery images and information: Paul Walker


Paul Walker: Biography

Paul Walker was born on September 12, 1973 in the family of businessman Paul Walker and model Cheryl Walker. His native city - Glendale (California, USA). Perhaps, thanks to a successful blending of the roots (German, English and Irish) or transferred to the talent and the beauty of the boy possessed angelic appearance since an early age.

When Paul was two years old, at the request of my mother, he began his career as an actor. It was a commercial diapers «Pampers Diapers». Being older, Paul Walker went on to star in numerous television shows and entertainment programs. Every year his acting skills improved, and the future world-famous actor improved.

By the end of the Christian Schools in 1991, Paul Walker starred in the family comedy "Monster of the closet." Many directors noted young talent, his ability to grasp on the fly and an irresistible desire to work on themselves. Other roles began to appear one after the other, but that does not prevent him from parallel play sports and participate in competitions.

At that time, Walker was his idol - Jacques Cousteau. Impressed by the discoveries of the famous explorer and researcher man entered the biological faculty of the College of California. But popularity and exceptional acting talent made their adjustments in his life.

Paul Walker: Movies
In 2001, the first time the actor starred in the famous film "Fast and the Furious." Tandem with Vin Diesel has pleased not only to residents of the United States, but also the rest of the world. Just a few days Paul Walker became a star worldwide.

The success of "Fast and the Furious" was so great that the filmmakers decided to shoot it all means continue. Sex starred 4-, 5- and 6-m sections. In 2014, the screens out "Furious 7": unfortunately, to finish shooting the cult movie actor did not have time.
Another painting featuring Paul Walker became a horror film, "Wow Ride" - this was his first role in this genre. Followed by roles in the film "Timeline," "Noel," "Running Scared", which consolidated the status of the prospective Walker actor who is able to play not only in action movies.

In 2006, Paul Walker starred in the adventure film "Eight Below," which has become a leader hire. The picture has collected 20 million. Dollars for the first few days.
In 2010, he screens out drama "Takers", where the actor starred alongside Hayden Christensen and Matt Dillon. Filming began in September 2008, but the film was released only two years later.
Recent work by Paul Walker became the role in the film "Pimp №19» (2011), "Few hours" (2013), "13th District: Brick Mansions" (2014).

Paul Walker: love life
Life Paul Walker was full of thrilling novels and sincere feelings. He had the reputation of a Hollywood hunk, that breaks women's hearts. His first love was the counterpart of the set - Denise Richards. He met the actor with her in the film "Tammy and the T-Rex."
While vacationing in Hawaii in 1998, Paul meets with Rebecca. Their relationship developed rapidly within a few months. In 1998, the couple have a great baby Meadow Rain.

The longest novel actor was with actress Alice Bliss, whom he met while working on another painting. Their relationship lasted for almost six years. Couple publicly to disclose the reason for their breakup in 2004
C 2006 Walker met with Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, who was 16 years his junior. Despite numerous reports in the media, in the autumn of 2011 the lovers parted.
Paul Walker has never been married, but unlike fellow workers he was not a supporter of loud explosions or scandalous relationship. All of his few hobbies ended rather peacefully.

Paul Walker: Death
November 30, 2013 Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas attended the event charity fund «Reach Out Worldwide» to raise funds for the victims of typhoon "Haiyang" in the Philippines, held in the city of Santa Clarita (California, USA). After the show, friends sat in a red Porsche Carrera GT. Roger sat behind the wheel, and Paul - in the passenger seat. On the way, the driver lost control and crashed into a tree and lamppost. After impact, the car caught fire: the driver and passenger were killed.

Immediately after the tragic accident, the actor's fans and concerned Internet users began to look for evidence that Paul Walker is alive. So, they compared the pictures taken before and after the accident, and found that the numbers are not the same car. In addition, fans pointed to the absence of photographs of the deceased actor. Experts explain this by saying that the actor's body was badly burned in the end managed to identify him only by dental images.
December 14, 2013, Paul Walker was buried in the cemetery in Glendale.