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Gallery images and information: Patrick Swayze


Patrick Swayze: biography

Patrick Wayne Swayze was born in August 1952 in Texas, in Houston. At the time of its appearance in the family already growing up the daughter of Vickie Lynn. Later born younger brothers Don and Sean Kyle. Younger sister Bambi was adopted parents. Swayze were descendants of the Irish, British and even the Apaches.

Father Patrick Jesse Wayne Swayze was an engineer and her mother was a well-known choreographer in the United States. Over time, it established its own ballet school, where he and Patrick. Also, the boy was fond of swimming and football. He repeatedly brought the sport prizes and awards, but it went very well. These circumstances did not guarantee him a good relationship with their peers. Patrick Swayze felt my mother's son, and often insulted. Initially, the son resorted to his mother in tears, but when he grew older, she realized that the problem should be solved fundamentally.

She took the boy in a martial arts school, where he after a while got a black belt in kung fu. Now, no one dared to offend the young Swayze. In addition to the black belt of one of the types of martial arts, behind Patrick was consummated two ballet schools.
As a dancer Patrick Swayze made his debut in the Broadway musical called "brilliantine". He has shared the stage with the legendary Mikhail Baryshnikov. Patella injury in 1978 put an end to the career of a dancer. It happened when Swayze reached a fairly significant peaks in his career - he was a principal dancer of the troupe. The operation made it impossible to return to the ballet. From Depression son saved his mother. She reminded Patrick that as a child he was good debut in the movie, playing a couple of small roles in television series. Back to the set - is a good option to realize the ambitious goals.

Illness and death
In March 2008, with the permission of Patrick Swayze he told his doctor about cancer of the actor. This was done because of the many rumors that dissolves the yellow press, which was a lot of lies.
In the early summer of that year, Patrick said that he felt much better and the growth of a tumor in the pancreas stopped. Swayze really believe that radiosurgical "Cyber Knife", which he had surgery, very effective. At the end of 2008 Patrick Swayze shared his plans for next year to sit down to write his memoirs. But in January 2009, the actor was hospitalized with alleged pneumonia. In April, doctors reported numerous metastases in the liver. Do not become Patrick Swayze in mid-September 2009.

Personal life
At age 18, Patrick fell in love with 15-year-old dancer Lisa Niemi, with whom he studied at the ballet school. After 3 years, Patrick and Lisa were married. Together they went to New York, where he appeared in a Broadway musical. Personal life of Patrick Swayze was happy. The only thing that marred it - is the lack of children.

Lisa Niemi helped her husband to cope with alcohol dependence. Later, after learning of his illness, she turned into a real guardian angel Patrick. The couple lived in love and harmony 34 years old, until his death Patrick at age 57. The last time the couple lived on a favorite Swayze ranch in New Mexico, which was called "Happy Days." The ashes were scattered actor was on this ranch, just as he commanded.