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Gallery images and information: Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde: Biography

Olivia Jane Cockburn, better known as Olivia Wilde, was born in New York on March 10, 1984. Her father - a journalist, his mother - a TV producer. Girl from childhood was in the circle of actors, directors, politicians and entered this world.
The family was constantly moved from state to state, which is why Olivia Wilde often changed school. She studied in Washington, Massachusetts, Andover.

The actress admits that grew difficult teenager and brought a lot of trouble to parents. One day she ran away from home and two weeks traveling with roving performers. After this incident, the father sent his daughter to a boarding school in Andover. There she is addicted to the theater - the performances went on as soon as there is free time. In the difficult period of the life, Olivia decided it would be an actress. After high school she moved to Los Angeles to make the dream a reality.

Personal life
Olivia Wilde Life flows measured. The first husband of actress - Italian prince Tao Ruspoli. They exchanged rings in an old Italian castle in 2003. Olivia was then 18 years old. The husband was much older actress, but they looked very harmonious. Their marriage lasted 8 years - in 2011, Wilde and LAYOUT parted. Friends say that the divorce was their mutual decision. Tao wanted children, and Olivia was in no hurry to motherhood, because was not ready for the responsibility.

Then, in the press flashed reported romance with actress Canadian star Ryan Gosling. Olivia Wilde did not comment on the information. Most likely, it was rumored, because the fall of 2011, she began to live with Jason Sudeikis. In January 2013 they announced their engagement, and April 20, 2014 the actress gave birth to a son - Alexander Otis Sudeikis.