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Gallery images and information: Nicole Kidman


Name: Nicole Kidman
Date of birth: June 20, 1967 (48 years old)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Place of Birth: Honolulu, United States
Activities: Actress, singer
Weight: 55 kg
Height: 180 cm

Marie Nicole Kidman was born in the heart of the US state of Hawaii, Honolulu, June 20, 1967. The parents of the actress originally from Australia. In the US, the father of Nicole arrived to investigate the cancer cells. However, when the future celebrity was 4 years old, the family returned to their homeland. There the man was offered a job at the Technical University of Sydney. Incidentally, the actress has a younger sister - now a TV reporter and presenter - Anthony. At the age of four years, Nicole Kidman was fascinated by ballet, so much so that went to study at the Australian Theatre for Youth, and later in Philip Street Theatre. Kidman perfected his vocal skills and studied the history of the theater. Then she continued her education in the secondary schools of North Sydney. However, the study had to quit because of the illness of the mother. The woman fell ill with breast cancer and her daughter needed help. For the first time on the screen future celebrity appeared in 1983. 15-year-old Nicole Kidman starred in the music video of singer Pat Wilson «Bop Girl». In the same year, Kidman began acting in movies and television. The first work as an actress - the role in the film "The creek five miles," "Bush Christmas" and "BMX Bandits". All 80 years of the last century, Nicole Kidman was involved in a sufficiently large number of Australian films and television productions. The most popular series earned "Bangkok Hilton". Game promising actress is so impressed the audience that the rights to broadcast the serial movie bought many countries. In 1989, Nicole starred in the thriller "Dead Calm." The tape was a success in worldwide box office. It was the first Hollywood project Kidman, and this despite the fact that the crew was only part of the Australian.

In parallel with the success in the movie Nicole Kidman successfully working in the advertising companies. The actress has become the face of the brand Chanel №5. Advertising campaign was conducted in 2004, 2005 and 2006. In the video titled N ° 5 the Film shot Rodrigo Santoro. The video became the most expensive in the history of business. One minute 4-minute video was estimated at $ 11 million. For his work, Kidman received almost $ 4 million.