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Gallery images and information: Nicolas Cage


Nicolas Cage was born on January 7, 1964 in Long Beach, which is located in the US state of California. Nicholas Kim Coppola - is the real name of the actor. His mother worked as a choreographer, and his father was a professor of literature. They divorced in 1976. So it happened that the profession of the actor's immediate family in any way connected with show business. Sam Francis Ford Coppola has to brother father Cage. Nicholas therefore took the stage name, so as not to depend on the fame of his famous uncle.
The boy began to play, even when he went to school in Beverly Hills high school during the holidays often traveled to the city of San Francisco, where he attended acting classes of the American theater. At seventeen Nicolas Cage throws the study, all the final exams, passing externally.

Nicolas Cage - the beginning of a stellar career
The guy starts to look for a small role. First teledebyut future stars took place in 1981, Nicholas then starred in the movie "The Best of Times." After that there were several roles that did not bring fame to the actor. After participating in a reel of film such as "Raising Arizona" and "Moonstruck", comes to him fame, but when Nicholas starred in the 1995 movie "Leaving Las Vegas" - it awarded the "Oscar" as the best actor.

Nicolas Cage - gaining popularity
At a mass audience Nicolas Cage gained popularity after participating in a big-budget action movies - in 1996 in the movie "The Rock" in 1997, "Con Air" and "Face". These films in his time gathered a huge desk, which gave the actor the opportunity to enter the select club "20 million." It is said that as he was after the shooting in the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds," which was released in 2000.

Nicolas Cage - the most notable roles
Even after this success, the actor did not fixate only on the fighters. In 1988, he played a very major role in the movie "City of Angels" and in two more "difficult" reel of film in 1999 - "8mm" and "Bringing Out the Dead." In all his roles Nicolas Cage shows miracles of transformation, with the finer points of acting craft a huge amount of time, attention and energy. For example, before you start to act in the film "Bringing Out the Dead", the actor went on a daily basis with the ambulance for real duty, and in the movie "Kiss of the Vampire" is solved directly into the frame of the cockroach eat to give filmstrip forest of realism.

Nicolas Cage - personal life
Life of the film actor as intricate and complex as a career. Nicolas Cage married three times. First time back in 1995, he tied the knot Hymen Patricia Arquette, with whom he lived until May 2001. The second time the actor tried to build a family with Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley's famous musician, with whom signed in August 2002. A little more than three months they lived together. In October 2005, his third wife was Korean Kim Ellis, who worked as an ordinary waitress in a sushi bar. Nicolas Cage has two sons. Weston firstborn bore him December 26, 1990 the actress Kristina Fulton, and the second heir was born October 3, 2005 by the present wife Alice Kim.

Nicolas Cage - Interesting Facts
In various interviews actor differently indicating the reason why he chose the pseudonym Cage. One correspondent, he said that himself so named in honor of comic book hero, in other - in honor of the avant-garde composer.
Nicolas Cage just crazy about her giant lizard for which built a special pool of 2.5 m. He also bought her a refrigerator, which brim full for fresh arms, which are a favorite food of his "pupils". The actor even made a lizard tattoo on her shoulder.
According to the magazine «Empire», Cage called the fortieth number among the "100 movie stars of all time," and the magazine «Premiere» awarded him the thirty-seventh the number in the corresponding register of the most influential people in Hollywood.

Nicolas Cage - day today
Most recently he published motion picture featuring the actor called "Ghost Rider 2", in which Nicolas Cage plays a mysterious character, fighting lawlessness in the name of the dark forces. At the moment, he is accused of failing to pay income taxes for the federal government in the amount of US $ 13 million. While that Cage failed to pay only 6 million, and if he does not return the entire debt, he faces a prison. Himself an actor blames this oversight former business manager. Nicolas Cage claims that its employee was not conducted protocols on tax deductions.