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Gallery images and information: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts: biography

Naomi Watts was born in Shoreham town, located in the English county of Kent. Her mother Mifannvi Roberts was engaged in buying and selling antiques. Father Peter Watts at the time of birth of her daughter was the manager had just started a rock group «Pink Floyd». Naomi has an older brother by 2 years, Benjamin, who would later become one of the leading photographers of the UK.
When she was 4 years old, her parents divorced, and 3 years later, Peter Watts died of a drug overdose. Mifannvi with two children tried to gain a foothold in many cities of the Kingdom, taking up virtually any available job. But after a while, the mother decides to return to Australia, where was born and where her parents lived.
Theatre Stage attracted little Naomi in early childhood. She saw how her mother speaks, he plays in amateur productions, and she tried to go on stage in school plays. In Australia, the girl began to attend drama school and acting classes, and later to try a variety of castings and auditions.
And has not received any serious role to 18 years, Watts concludes a contract with a modeling agency and went to work in Japan. It took her a year to realize that in fact it wants to engage in a very different affair. Earning a reporter and correspondent in one of the fashion magazines, she continued to take one casting after another. Oddly enough, it was a model experience for the first time allowed Naomi to get on the TV screens.

Personal life
Naomi Watts was the star lot of novels. She had a romantic relationship with director Stephen Hopkins and actor Heath Ledger, a short time she met with screenwriter Jeff Smingi and director Daniel Kirby, who are familiar with on the set the next film.

In 2005, life brought her to actor Liev Schreiber. Star couple soon began to live together in a civil marriage. After 2 years, Naomi gave birth to first child Alexander Pete, and in late 2008 was born the second son Semyuel Kai. Today, the family lives in New York, but Naomi Liev are not going to make out against the official.

Best friend Naomi Watts is another famous actress - Nicole Kidman. They met in Australia for one of the castings, when both were unknown aspiring actress.