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Gallery images and information: Milla Jovovich


Milla Jovovich: Biography

Milla Jovovich - actress, whose fate is closely intertwined with the various parts of the world. She was born in Ukraine, but made of love and public recognition in Hollywood thanks to the efforts of the French director. The actress also successful in music and is known as the popular models, whose photos are happy to publish in the most prestigious magazines in the world fashion-industry.

A girl named Mila was born on December 17, 1975 in Kiev. Her mother Galina Loginova was a famous Soviet actress, who tied his life with a simple Serb doctor Gods Jovovich, who came to the capital for the exchange. The life of a young family brought it to Kiev, where the future Hollywood star went to kindergarten. But those years were very hectic and family Jovovich was forced to leave the Soviet Union. Briefly their sheltered London, Soviet emigres spent a total of 7 months, and then went to Los Angeles, which has become their new home.

However, life in the United States has been very difficult for the family Jovovich. Just a few months later, Galina and the gods were divorced, and in 1988 Mila appeared half-brother Mark, who was a young girl saw a couple of times. Galina began to work as a cleaning lady, not knowing the language, she could not get a better job, and because of its Soviet origin employers to treat women with a fair amount of contempt. Mila also suffered because of their homeland, classmates taunted her, calling the "Russian spy". She remained a stranger in the school, although English has mastered in just 3 months. Cool attitude of the same age Milu forced to focus on a modeling career. However, the daughter of actress Galina saw and encouraged her studies at the Professional Actors school in California.

In adolescence, Mila was very restless child. She smashed shop windows and swindles with credit cards. At the same time her father was arrested by the gods for the illegal operation with medical insurance. In one of his interviews, movie star said that 5 years in prison very positive impact on her father, and he became a much better person.

Milla Jovovich: modeling
Once Galina brought his 11-year-old daughter of a well-known photographer Carlos Reynosa, and the one being admired unusual beauty young Mila, she recommended her agency "Prima". They signed a contract with the girl and had a photo session under the leadership of Herb Ritts. In 1986, Jovovich has appeared on the cover of Italian magazine "Lei" and the London edition of "The Face".

That's where it first saw the legendary photographer Richard Avedon, who invited the young model to shoot for the women's magazine "Mademoiselle". Guide resisted publication of a photo Jovovich in publications intended for an adult female audience, because she was only 11 years old. But Avedon until recently stood on the photographer even threatened to refuse to work with the publishing house, if they do not publish pictures Jovovich. The story is very positive impact on the popularity of Mila, her name was often in the news along with her photographs. All the talk show a few months the country discussed the issues of attracting minors into show business, referring to the incident with the pictures of the young model.

Mila signed two lucrative contracts with publishers "Vogue" and "Cosmopolitan", becoming the "face" of many famous brands, ranging from cosmetic brand "Revlon" to the world's leading fashion "Christian Dior", "Calvin Klein" and others. In 2003, the legendary fashion designer Gianni Versace Jovovich called his "favorite supermodel." A year later, the magazine "Forbes" Mila admitted one of the richest models in the world.

Milla Jovovich: Movies
World renown in the field of fashion business for Mila opened the door to Hollywood. At age 13 she made her film debut in the television movie "The Night Train to Kathmandu." In the same year on the screens out the picture "Two Moon Junction" where she played a young Samantha Delongpre.
The real breakthrough in the movie for Jovovich became an American drama "Return to the Blue Lagoon," in which she played Lilly, the main character of the picture. The role has been very controversial, besides the young actress appeared in a nude scene. In 1991, she was nominated as "Best young actress, who starred in the movies" and as "Worst New Star" at the Award Ceremony "Golden Raspberry". After filming the comedy "Dazed and Confused," the actress was disappointed in the film and decided to move to Europe, where he took up music.

Return Mila was truly grand and impressive. In Europe, she met with director Luc Besson, who spent casting for his project "The Fifth Element". Among the three hundred other contenders for the role he has chosen Lillu Jovovich, which later helped invent Besson native language of her heroine. "Divine language" consisted of only 400 words, but they were enough to communicate with the director of the actress. Partner on the set Milla became a cult actor Bruce Willis, as well as the legendary Briton Gary Oldman. For his role Mila completely abandoned performing on stage, partying at clubs and other joys of life, focusing on the job. Her efforts paid off, the film "The Fifth Element" brought her international fame as an actress in a movie.
Jovovich has received numerous nominations for the prestigious awards, but it was not without criticism. James Berardinelli called her play "quite impressive, though, and does not depend on acting ability or dialogue."
Next Mila work in collaboration with director Besson has been less successful. The actress played the role of Joan of Arc in the eponymous historical film. During the six months prior to filming, it became known that the role of Joan chose another actress and the director left the project. After the proceedings for failure to meet conditions of the contract, he rewrote the script and began work on his version of the film titled "The Messenger". For his role Mila was again nominated for the "Golden Raspberry".

One of the most successful films with the participation Jovovich was the picture of "Resident Evil," based on the eponymous computer game. Milan is a fan of the game world, and learning about the upcoming shooting, said that she - the only actress worthy to play in this film. Alice Jovovich to play a lot of time to studying the martial arts, almost all the stunts in the film she plays alone. The movie "Resident Evil" was released in rent in 2002 and immediately gained commercial success, it charges many times over budget.

In subsequent years, the actress took part in the shooting of several sequels. Mila continued collaboration with director Paul Anderson and in 2011 appeared in the adventure movie based on the works of Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers. " Milla played the role of the treacherous Milady de Winter, who, together with the Duke of Buckingham, in the performance of a unique actor Orlando Bloom, is opposed to the main characters. Despite the very negative reviews from critics, the film has collected his desk, and big-name director Quentin Tarantino has even made it to their list of the best films of 2011.

Milla Jovovich: Music
In 1988, Milla sent his demo studio recording "SBK Records" and signed a contract with them. However, due to very busy schedule of his first album titled "The Divine Comedy" she published only in 1994. When recording Jovovich was inspired by Ukrainian folk music, as well as works based on the "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri. The album was praised by critics positive that allowed the actress to continue working in this direction. In 1998 she published her second work "The People Tree Sessions".
A year later, Mila, along with musician Chris Brenner founded the experimental group "Plastic Has Memory", which he wrote lyrics, sang and played the electric guitar. The team took part in a variety of shows, but never recorded a full album.

Milla Jovovich: love life
Life Mila in much intertwined with her film career. For a while she was married to his colleague in the film "Dazed and Confused", but their relationship was short-lived, and the marriage was annulled after 2 months at the request of the mother of the actress. Mila filming in the film "The Fifth Element" had a lasting impression on the French film director Luc Besson, who after the premiere, the actress offered her hand and heart. They were married in 1997, but after 2 years of severed ties.
For a long time about the personal lives of Hollywood stars walked just rumors and gossip, cease only after her acquaintance with director Paul Anderson in 2002. In 2007 the couple had a daughter, Eva Gabo. Legalize the relationship they decided only in 2009, and in 2015 the couple had a second daughter Dashiel Eden.