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Gallery images and information: Megan Fox


Megan Fox is a sultry beauty, which have been included in the list of the sexiest Actresses in the world. From childhood she aspired to glory and succeeded. 

Model and actress Megan Denise Fox born may 16 1986 in Rockwood (Tennessee, USA). Blood beauties on my mother's side have the genes of the French, the Irish and even Indians. Dad Megan Fox looked for conditionally released offenders. Megan also has an older sister. 

A few years after the birth of the youngest daughter of the family split. However her mother not long was the one and she soon remarried a man older than himself, and family, along with a new "father" moved to Florida. Stepfather did not differ good character, on the contrary had a temper, which would have affected the psyche of the future star. Strict upbringing has developed in her panic attacks and outbursts of aggression. Five years the girl was engaged in theatre and studied dance. As a child, Megan Fox was quite well-fed girl, and she was teased a lot in school. Moreover, she dressed very aggressive and wild. So she could pull on combat boots, tutu, and hair dye in the color orange.

Walked future beauty only boys and all behaviour showed that he wanted to be independent. Girl, some time went in the Church choir, but they are going to be kicked out for bullying behavior, appearance, and behavior. At the age of 13 she began to manifest a talent in dancing. So on one of the dance show "American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head", she received several awards.
In 15 years, Megan Fox decided to take their destiny into their own hands and went to Los Angeles in search of an acting career. In the beginning she took in the filming of the little-known paintings. 

In Los Angeles she was very difficult. Of course it was not expecting, and money is desperately short. Megan Fox knew what a special talent actress she does not possess, but relied on his appearance. Her first work was the painting "Sunny holidays" in 2001. In this film she played a very beautiful girl, who constantly got the main characters of the film, which was performed by sisters Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. For three years she appeared in films and television series with periodic roles: "Bad boys 2", "ocean", "love you", "2.5", "Help".

The first serious role she received in 2004 in the movie "a star of the stage" where she played a minor role together with Lindsay Lohan. And in the next two years she played in the TV series "Queen of the screen". The real fame came to her in 2007. Then she got the role Mikaela Baines in a blockbuster Michael Bay "transformers". This role went to Megan Fox due to its excellent external data and a good advertising their shapes on the covers of men's magazines. In 2008, she became the sexiest woman of planet by the magazine "FHM".

A year later she got the role of a rising star cinema in the film "How to lose friends and to force all you to hate", played along with Simon Pegg and Kirsten dunst. After a year on the screens out the second part of the movie "transformers: revenge of the fallen" in which Megan also played the role Mikaela. The film beat all box office records, and Megan Fox received the Award "Choice of teenagers" (Teen Choice Awards) in the categories "Best actress of summer", "Beautiful girl" and awards "Scream awards" in the nomination "the Best actress of the science fiction genre".

In the same year, Megan Fox starred in the movie "Jennifer's Body" is a horror film with elements of black Comedy. The actress played the demon-eater, which, in the guise of a beautiful girl lures men, classmates in a trap and devours them. Co-worker by Amanda Seyfried. For this film she received the Award "Choice of teenagers" (Teen Choice Awards) in the categories "Best actress of the genre horror/Thriller" and "Beautiful girl". The third part of "Transformers" was released without Megan Fox. Because of the frequent quarrels of the actress with the Director and then the scandalous application, in which the star called Michael Bay Hitler, the film producer Steven Spielberg decided to fire her. In the third part of "transformers 3: Dark of the moon" the main female role played by British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. However, Megan Fox told the press that she was not interested in further filming and left the project for other interesting roles.
In 2010 the star was invited to appear in the video Eminem and Rihanna — "Love The Way You Lie". 

In 2011, Megan played in the movie "Children to sex not a hindrance", and a year later voiced the character of Louis lane in the movie "robot Chicken".
In 2014 on the screens released film "teenage Mutant ninja turtles," in which she played the role of April O'neil. The film grossed just not positive criticism, but a lot of cash in the cinemas, so it was announced a sequel, and the release of the second part is planned for summer 2016. 

In 2007, she began Dating Brian Austin green, with whom they met on the set of the TV show. They were even engaged but soon broke up. After a while she got back together with the star of the television series "Beverly hills 90210".
On 24 June 2010, the couple secretly got married in Hawaii. Two years later the happy family was born Noah Shannon, and after a year and a half - Body of Ranson. 

The actress admitted that I tried all kinds of drugs, but she only liked marijuana, which she uses periodically. Sex life she began at the age of 15, and admitted that in her bed was and girls.
On the body of actress 8 tattoos. The biggest one on his right arm depicting Marilyn Monroe, and the other in the abdomen with the name Brian.
Megan Fox is the face of the Italian brand Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2010, replacing in this field the singer Beyonce.