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Gallery images and information: Matthew Mcconaughey


Matthew McConaughey: biography

November 4, 1969 in the family of a kindergarten teacher and the owner of the gas station there was a third son named Matthew. It is unlikely that his parents knew that a normal boy from Texas would be a famous actor, the owner of "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".
In school Matthew McConaughey dreamed of a law career. Peers adored him - no insults and harassment from them pretty boy did not feel, therefore, went to school with pleasure.

Both his brother, barely finished school, joined the family business - helping his father at the gas station. But Matthew, such work did not appeal. Instead, he went to the gas station a year in Australia, where he gained a strong focus and a long time get rid of it.
By the time of his return to Texas guy knew exactly what would become an actor. Acting craft McConaughey studied at the University of Texas. In life, he earned a shooting commercials.

Personal life
Matt - heartthrob, his numerous novels are constantly getting information events for journalists. In 1994, he had a romantic relationship with the actress Patricia Arquette. In 1996, Matt wooed Ashley Judd, whom he met on the set of "A Time to Kill."
Sandra Bullock met actor for almost two years. When they broke up, Matt long to make new novels. But before sexual Penelope Cruz could not resist. Their relationship lasted for two years, but also resulted in rupture.

Since he met his future wife at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Matthew McConaughey saw Camilla Alves at a banquet in her honor, and immediately fell in love. She answered him in return. In the summer of 2008, after a year and a half after the beginning of the novel, the couple had a son, Levi. After another year and a half Camila gave birth to daughter Vida.
The actor made the offer only when Alves was pregnant for the third time. The summer of 2012, the couple exchanged rings in an estate in Texas. Third son was named Livingston.

Today Matthew McConaughey absolutely happy. He has a family, a house, a private production company, a charitable foundation. Actor unswervingly follows its motto, which reads: "Just keep on living."