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Gallery images and information: Matt Damon



American actor Matthew Paige Damon was born October 8, 1970 in the town of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in a wealthy family of an employee of the tax inspection and teacher. Matt has an older brother Kyle. When the future actor was very young, his parents divorced, and the children were brought up in the mother. At the age of ten, the boy met with eight baby, who lived next door, too, the future actor Ben Affleck. The guys have become good friends and partners in the future, part of the films. In high school friends took part in advertising a local shop, earning a couple of hundred each. Damon was educated at Harvard University, in addition, engaged in a course of acting. Even then he wanted to connect his life with film. A little later, the young man went to New York for the achievement of its objectives.

For the first time Matt flashed on the screen in the movie "Mystic Pizza" in a small episode. At the time, the boy was 18 years old. Then we started painting "Glory Daisy" and "Son - a rising star" with Damon. In 1992, he got a couple Ben Affleck, the role of the main character in "School ties". The tape turned out not very successful. Matt's first success was the movie "Courage in battle." For this work, Damon hard in sports and is quite thin. The film received praise critics. In 1997 he starts working together Damon and Affleck drama "Good Will Hunting" about the incredibly intelligent young man with a mathematical mind. The leading role played by Matt himself. The film has collected a huge box office and received prestigious awards. Following this success, Damon became really popular. He began to frequent the proposed role, and it has become a highly paid actor. A year later, Damon starred in the Oscar-winning film "Saving Private Ryan" and tape. "Rounders", where he performed the role of craftsman gambling.

A year later, the premiere of film "The Talented Mr. Ripley," in which Damon turned into a charismatic killer and "Dogma", where his partner made all the same Ben Affleck. Friends sang the role of the two messengers of heaven. Thank Matt continued to gain momentum. The actor worked. Together with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, he starred in a number of bands on the Ocean. Then came pictures of the adventures of Bourne, also became very successful in the audience and in perfect shape. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Matt conceded role in the drama "The Good Shepherd." At this time, Damon is involved in many projects.

For years, the actor could not get rid of smoking, but visiting a specialist parted with a bad habit. Damon also has some good vocal abilities and is able to play the piano. For two years in a relationship with actress Winona Ryder. In general, before Matt often attributed novels with their partners across the screen. Winter 2005 Damon married Luciana Burrows resident in Spain, and a year later the wife gave birth to a baby girl Isabella. The second time, the Pope became the actor two years later, the couple had a daughter Gia Zavala. Damon also adopt a child from his wife's previous relationship.