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Gallery images and information: Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg: biography

Mark Wahlberg was born in Dorchester - the largest suburb of the industrial city of Boston, USA. Parents Steel grade Elma Elaine, who was a cashier in a bank branch, and later as a nurse, and truck drivers, Donald Edward Wahlberg. Also make the couple had another 8 children, two of whom - Robert and Donny - are siblings for the boy. The other children - consanguineous through the maternal line. Both siblings and later became an actor.

Donald and Alma divorced in the early 80's, when Mark was 11 years old. The most difficult age for a teenager when his father's attention to the most important. Perhaps no man in the house prompted the young Wahlberg seek adventure on the streets. At the age of a teenager, he had more than 20 drives to the police. Mark rightly accused of hooliganism, violence, attacks on dark-skinned teenagers beating Asian students, robbing pharmacies. And when the boy was 16 years old, the court decided to punish him by two years in prison for attempted murder on racist grounds. Mark served in a penal colony in Boston and was released early.

Prison cooled slightly stormy temper a teenager, as he realized that he wanted a different life for themselves. However, the outbreak of the aggression continued with Mark Wahlberg and subsequently, especially under the influence of alcohol and drugs, but the more they are not an end in itself.

Personal life
Like many Hollywood actors, Mark had a lot of romantic relationship with her co-star. For some time, he met with such actresses as the Jordana Brewster, Reese Witherspoon and China Chow.

In 2001, Marc met with supermodel Ria Durham, who after 8 years was his lawful wife. And by that time they already had three children - sons Michael and Brendan Joseph, and daughter, Ella Rae. In 2010, the couple was born another girl - Margaret Grace. The family lives in a mansion in the upscale town of Beverly Hills.

Mark Wahlberg - a dedicated fan of the game of basketball and his favorite team from childhood is "Boston Celtics".