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Gallery images and information: Mark Hamill


Mark Hamill was born in a small Californian city of Oakland. His father William Hamill was a military pilot, rising to the rank of captain. Mother Suzanne Hamill, nee Johnson, was a housewife. Also make parents were still 2 sons - Will and Patrick, and four daughters - Terry, Gini, Jen and Kim.
Due to the service of his father moved the family often, so Mark went to school in New York, in several cities of Virginia and graduated from secondary education in general in Japan.

Since childhood, the boy loved to be the center of attention, loved to entertain classmates and relatives. With 6 years Mark was fascinated by theater and cinema in Japan even took part in the casting for the film, but did not pass it. At school stage first appeared in the 12 years when the sick one of the actors, and Mark Hamill have offered to replace him. Young newcomer went to the scene and, without even knowing the text, using improvisation perfectly coped with the task.

After high school, the young man arrives in LA's theater college, while studying in which he played a piece of music and theater. I do not leave a theater stage Hamill and then, when he became a famous actor. He starred on Broadway in such productions as "The Elephant Man," "Amadeus," "Harrigan and Hart," "Room Service" and "Bugsy."

In January 1977, when he was world famous actor Mark Hamill was in a terrible car accident due to the fact that the fallen asleep at the wheel when he went to the place of regular surveys. The car turned actor on the freeway, and Mark himself washed up on the side of the road through the windshield. He miraculously survived, but suffered a lot of complex plastic surgery on his face. Some time after that Hamill was afraid to drive, but the work on the set stopped.

Personal life
In 1977 in Los Angeles, Mark Hamill became acquainted with a dentist Marilou York. They became romantically involved, the case went to the wedding, but sharply struck the actor's popularity was almost upset those plans. The couple broke up for a short time, but in December 1978 Mark and Marylou still married.

A year later, the couple had a son, Nathan Elias, in 1983, the second son of Tobias Griffin, and 1989 - the daughter Chelsea Elizabeth. Interestingly, all the children were born in different countries, as the spouse did not leave Mark on tour even being pregnant.
Now most of the family lives in his house in Malibu. Mark Hamill who bought his first major fee in 1977.

Hobbies actor - dubbing cartoon characters. Today, to his credit more than 200 voices animated characters, the most famous of which are of the many cartoon Joker "Batman", Maximus of "Fantastic Four" and Mole from "SpongeBob SquarePants." Mark also had to be a character in a computer game, where in 1996 the company «Origin» has launched a series of space simulators «Wing Commander».