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Gallery images and information: Lucia Mendez


Lucia Mendez: biography

Lucia Mendez Leticia Perez was born January 26, 1956 in Leon de los Aldama in Mexico. Father Velasco Antonio Mendez by profession was a chemical engineer, and his mother Ofelia Perez Mendez March was a housewife and took care of the children. She spent her childhood on a ranch at the grandparents.
Mendez at an early age began to show artistic talent, interested in the life of film and theater. Desiring to develop the talents of his daughter, parents sent her to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. Teachers appreciated the creativity of women, due to their support of Lucia in the age of nine was the leading morning radio program "Larks". Her main dream began his career in television.

After graduation, his father insisted on her training in the United States on specialty philologist. Lucia did not resist the decision of Antonio and a few years went abroad, where mastered the English language. At home, the future star has returned to a certified translator and teacher.
Having fulfilled the will of the parent, Lucia Mendez decided to realize his dream and devote himself to acting. Her desire to support her mother, who provided invaluable moral support future star of Mexican TV series. In 1972, she noticed the director of the theater and offered a role in its formulation. In the same year Mendez was awarded as "The most beautiful face of the year" by the Mexican magazine "Heraldo". Through participation in the play "Nothing about sex, because we are innocent," Mendez spoke about the whole of America, she received several prestigious awards and was awarded his own wax figure at the Museum of Hollywood.

Lucia Mendez: serials
In 1972, Lucia Mendez made her debut in the series' The Italian is going to marry. " She went on to participate in the popular Mexican telenovelas, parallel acting in commercials. In 1980, Mendez took part in the filming of the television series "Kolorina", where she played a bright and unusual for a Mexican audience the image of a prostitute. The songs for this project have been recorded of the actress in collaboration with the Spanish composer Camilo Sesto.

Mendez is best known for his role in the telenovela "Nobody but You", which was made by producer Ernesto Alonso its patron. The series was shown not only in Latin America but also in the US, Germany and the CIS. Mendez received the award for "Best Actress" by the Association of Latin American critics, and its composition «Corazón de piedra», which has become the main theme of the series, was nominated for US award "Grammy" in the category "Best Latin Pop Artist."