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Gallery images and information: Linda Hamilton


BIOGRAPHY Linda Hamilton

American actress Linda Carroll Hamilton was born with her twin sister, September 26, 1956 in the town of Salisbury, Maryland, USA. At the age of five, the future actress was shocked by the death of his father as a result of a road accident. Soon, my mother found a new husband in the face of a law enforcement officer. From an early age Linda had a complex because of the similarity with the little sister, as a teenager, she fell into a deep depression and radically changed his appearance. Hamilton never wanted to be an actress, but school years participated in stage productions. In parallel, the girl for two years attending classes in piano. Having received secondary education, she enrolled in the college town of Chestertown. After Linda received higher education at the prestigious New York institution, where she was attending acting classes.

After graduating from the institute, twenty-three year old graduate went to California, where he began to attend all kinds of castings and auditions, where it was noticed and invited to television. In 1979, she received little significant role in a small series. A year later the debut of aspiring actress on the big screen in the drama "The violence and marriage" based on the true story of a woman who has accused his own wife of the rape and sue him in court. The screen was made by the husband of Linda young actor Mickey Rourke. The real triumph for Hamilton became the fantasy thriller "The Terminator," which premiered in 1984. The picture tells the story about a robot sent from the future to kill the girl, whose role is brilliantly performed by Linda. After the debut of the film actress woke up famous. Seven years later, the premiere of the second part of box office hits, where the heroine Hamilton with teenage son trying to survive in the struggle against the subject of the distant future.

In the early 90s out comedy "Mr. Destiny", where the actress appears as a housewife whose husband once met a magician and completely changes their lives. In 1995 he started stabbing the drama "Mother Prayer", which starred Linda woman who had heard of the terrible fatal diagnosis and focus on who will bring up her son when she dies. Two years later, the actress took part in the adventure film "Dante's Peak", where she played the mayor of a small town, which is threatened by the erupting volcano. In the late 90s debut comedy drama "The Secret Life of Women" with Hamilton in the lead roles. This tape tells the story of a fifteen-year girl who learns about the change of his father to one of the students and decides every effort to save the marriage of parents. In the new century, the actress starred in the TV serial film "Chuck," which brilliantly fulfilled its role as the mother of the main character, and part-time employee of the CIA. It is known that the actress turned down an offer from the shooting in the third part of the cult film "The Terminator", considering the scenario is not interesting.

Linda was officially married to the father of his first son, Bruce Abbott, whom she divorced in the late 80s. Two years actress was married to James Cameron, which has given birth to a girl.