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Gallery images and information: Kurt Russell


Kurt Russell: Biography

Kurt Russell - American actor, best known to fans of the movie by movie "Overboard," "Big Trouble in Little China", "Tango and Cash" and "Stargate." For drama "Silkwood" actor was nominated for film award "Golden Globe".

The future actor was born in Springfield, located in Massachusetts. His father Bing Russell was popular enough teleakterom, who played in many American television series. His mother, Julia Louise Crone - a former dancer. Kurt has a younger sister Jill, whose son Matt Franco - last known baseball player.

Kurt Russell graduated from the secondary school "Thousand Oaks", although he paid tuition is not enough attention, because in 11 years, began his professional acting career. Through Bing Russell boy had contracted with Warner Bros. and Walt Disney participated in a large number of TV movies, going out on their own channel. Incidentally, no one knows why, but the last words he wrote shortly before his death, legendary Disney animator, were just "Kurt Russell."

Personal life
On the film "Elvis" Kurt Russell met with the actress Season Hubley. They were married, and in 1980 they had a son Boston. But the family did not last long. Soon Kurt season and began to live separately, and in 1983 officially divorced.

During divorce proceedings on the set of the romantic comedy "Additional change" Russell again meets the actress Goldie Hawn, which first met when he was 16 years old. They dated for a while, and then went to live in a civil marriage. Goldie and Kurt together so far, although the official procedures of marriage was not satisfied. In 1986 the couple had a son Uayett. Also in the family brought Kate and Oliver Hudson, Goldie Hawn children from his first marriage, who see Russell as the natural father.

Star couple owns a home in Palm Desert, California, as well as a small ranch, located near Aspen, Colorado. But since 2003, Russell and Hawn are living in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

Russell has a professional licensed private pilot and is an honorary member of the Board of Civil Aviation of humanitarian organization "Wings of Hope".

In the late 60's - early 70's Kurt Russell dabbled in baseball. He played second base in the club "California Angels" of Anaheim, which is performed in one of the lower divisions of the North-West league. Then he was a member of the club "Sun King" of El Passo, and the club "Portland tramp", whose owner was his father, he played striker. But in 1973, a heavy shoulder injury has not allowed Russell to continue a career, and he returned to the cinema.