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Gallery images and information: Kristen Stewart


Young, charming American actress Kristen Stewart is one of the most promising young stars in Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart was born April 9, 1990 in a family where she was from the earliest years, heard the words: cinema, photography, shows ... as her father Jack Stewart worked as an assistant director, director of the sets show on the national channel FOX and producer. Kristen grew up the youngest child, she has an older brother - Cameron. By virtue of the profession of his father, the family often left his native Los Angeles, but always after the project back to his father. At an early age, Kristen Stewart manifested acting talent. Her first debut on stage took place in the school where she participated in a school production of "Christmas". He was for Kristen Stewart decisive in the choice of his future acting.
By coincidence, at the concert I attended a Hollywood agent, who immediately drew attention to the talented eight-year girl. He appealed to the parents of Kristen with a proposal to develop the acting talent of their daughter. The parents were strongly opposed this idea, as dreamed of a very different future for Kristen, but she still managed to persuade them. Parents began to drive Kristen Stewart on auditions for films and TV series. Just a year later, Kristen first appeared on television, she played in the television production of "The Thirteenth Year". And in 2000, Kristen Stewart auditioned on a more serious role, she played in the independent melodrama "The Safety of Objects," Rose Trochu. Kristen Stewart decided for themselves that will work hard to achieve success in her acting career. By virtue of their employment in the senior classes Stewart moved into home schooling, but this has not prevented her to finish school with honors.

Kristen Stewart - the beginning of a stellar career.
Kristen Stewart has continued to engage in acting diligently and walk the auditions, and in 2002 she was invited to the role of a major Hollywood film "Panic Room", where her partner was on the site such celebrities as Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker, Patrick bath. Kristen Stewart perfectly coped with the work in the film and on the background of Merkle movie stars. Almost immediately followed by another serious work in the film "Cold Creek Manor", which Stewart starred with Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid. Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart worked very hard filming the movie, her success did not come, all the pictures were not successful at the box office.
His first major role played by Kristen Stewart in the comedy film "Catch That Kid". The film has been designed for a younger audience. Painting like spectators and Kristen Stewart brilliantly showed his comedic and dramatic skills.

Kristen Stewart - gaining popularity.
This success came to the actress Kristen Stewart in 2008. She charmed the audience with their work in the most-hit American melodrama "Seven." This work suddenly made Stewart a popular rising star of Hollywood and the real idol of youth. The painting "Twilight" only in the American box office has collected 200 million dollars. That same year, Stewart smiles another success: in her new work, a comedy drama "What Just Happened" she played with such meters movie, Bruce Willis, Sean Penn and Robert De Niro.
Hollywood critics called Kristen Stewart the brightest rising star in Hollywood, and predicting her future success in the world of big movies. In late 2009, for his role in the second part of the vampire saga "Twilight: New Moon," Kristen Stewart was awarded the MTV awards in the category "Best Actress".
Kristen Stewart has become a popular actress and popular Hollywood producer. In 2010, she starred in several projects, and in the third part of the hit movie "Twilight."

Kristen Stewart - personal life.
Kristen Stewart is not particularly apply to his personal life. But the young, charming, successful Hollywood star, mesmerizing millions of men, can not but be interested in the paparazzi. Its long-term relationship with actor Michael Angarano ended in 2009, after which the actress was ascribed to a romantic relationship with Robert Pattinson. But no matter how provoked journalists Robert and Kristen, they stubbornly silent, without denying or confirming the speculation about their romance.
During his first 2 million fee for shooting the film "Twilight" Kristen Stewart purchased a luxury home in Los Angeles, where, and took his family to live.
After receiving a pass to Hollywood's elite Kristen Stewart behaves very carefully and do not give cause to speak ill of her.

Kristen Stewart - the most important role.
For his 22 years of Kristen Stewart played in a large number of pictures, though many of them were not successful at the box office. Of all the works in the movie Kristen Stewart, the most important for her career - a movie:
- "Catch That Kid" (2004)
- "What Just Happened" (2007)
- "Twilight" (2008-2012)
- "Welcome to the Rileys" (2010)
- "On the Road" (2012)
- "Snow White and the Hunter" (2012).

Kristen Stewart - the most interesting facts.
Kristen Stewart, in addition to being a talented actress, very musical, she perfectly plays the guitar and sings.
Kristen Stewart to shoot films "Twilight" changed their natural eye color clothing brown lenses.
Prior to his age on account of Kristen Stewart has been played about 20 roles in movies.
Idol Kristen Stewart is an actress - Evan Rachel Wood.
In his spare time, Kristen Stewart loves to surf and walk with their dogs, she had them already three: Oz, Jack and Lily.
Kristen Stewart for three consecutive years has been nominated for "Young Actor of the Year."

Kristen Stewart - day today.
Today, Stewart is completely immersed in the work of new film projects and is looking forward to the views of audiences and critics on their work in the last three films: "The Road," "Snow White and the Huntsman," "Twilight" (Continued), which goes to rent in 2012.
Kristen Stewart - is young, but already very successful Hollywood star that his success was a very hard working real hard. And today it is safe to say that has achieved the desired success. But, as she says Kristen Stewart - its main success and its main role is yet to come.