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Gallery images and information: Keira Knightley


In 2005, Keira Knightley with confidence topped the list of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood, leaving behind Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and even the legendary Marilyn Monroe. In the twenty years of its "track" list consisted of twenty films. Her name is on a par with these "stars" such as Mickey Rourke, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. She - official jewelry house Asprey ...

Born Keira Knightley (Keira Knightley) in March 1985 in Teddington (England). Parents Kira - writer Sharman Macdonald and actor Will Knightley entered into a kind of bet - the future mother of the actress wanted a second child (in the family grew up the son of Caleb), but her husband set a condition: Sherman must first sell his play. So my mother first saw the light of the debut - the play "When I Was a Girl, I Used to Scream and Shout", and then Cyrus.
In three years, Knightley was puzzled to find her parents' request to the agent. It is logical for a little girl who grew up in a creative environment. First, however, Cyrus had to overcome dyslexia (impaired reading and writing), and hard to do in school. Self-discipline and patience helped the future "star" in the six years to acquire their own agent.

Keira Knightley - the beginning of a stellar career
Seven Years Keira Knightley made her debut in the film "Royal Celebration", playing a cameo role of a little girl. Soon followed by small roles in feature films "Treasure Hunters" (1996), "Village business", "Homecoming." The latest melodrama young Cyrus starred with Peter O'Toole himself.
It so happened that on Kira Knightley spoke after premry blockbuster George Lucas' "Star Wars: Episode I. The Phantom Menace." The director, shocked Kira resemblance to Natalie Portman, Knightley proposed role Sabau - Double Queen Amidala. Participation in the project Kira remained a closely guarded secret, and the audience was convinced that both the role played by Portman.
Random promotion helped the actress get a much more serious role: Rose Fleming in the series on the novel by Charles Dickens, "Oliver Twist" and the title role in Disney's "Princess of Thieves". Knightley appeared nude for the first time in 2001 in the movie "The Pit". The actress played a very convincing thriller Nick Hamm, however, it is aware of no avail.

Keira Knightley - gaining popularity
In the summer of 2001, Cyrus was invited to the film "Bend It Like Beckham." The tape was the real breakthrough of the young actress into a great movie. Having collected $ 76 million at the box office, "Bend It Like Beckham," Knightley has brought long-awaited popularity and worldwide fame.
Later, Cyrus decided to study English literature and entered Esher College, while continuing to act in films. During this period, on the screens out the art hauznaya drama "immaculate" and the telenovela "Doctor Zhivago," based on the novel of Pasternak. It is worth noting also the beautiful game in his debut Knightley film director Richard Curtis 'Love Actually', which enjoyed great audience success.

Keira Knightley - the most notable roles
Of course, this "star" Hollywood did Keira Knightley adventure film "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," which was released in 2003. Critics admired vying 18-year-old actress and the painting itself was a resounding success. Cyrus worked with such "stars" like Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp.
This was followed by a magnificent Elizabeth Bennet in "Pride and Prejudice" (2005), a role which pominirovali Knightley for "Oscar". "Pirates of the Caribbean 2, 3" came into the world rolled in 2006 and 2007.

Keira Knightley - personal life
Journalists were impressed that Knightley willingly gives interviews, however, about her private life little is known. At one time, Cyrus met with business Sinnott. In 2005, Cyrus met with actor Rupert Friend. Their relationship lasted almost five years. After parting with Rupert, the actress began a torrid romance with James Righton, keyboardist Klaxons. Today, it is a male model boyfriend Jamie Dorman.

Keira Knightley - Interesting Facts
From childhood dreams about the role of Eleanor of Aquitaine ("The Lion in Winter"). Although I will have to wait up to 50 years!
To dance and boxing, but hates the gym, and all sorts of diets.
Idols Keira Knightley - the famous actress Vivien Leigh and Katharine Hepburn.
It is the face of jewelry house Asprey.

Keira Knightley - day today
Daughter of British actors, stunning beauty Keira Knightley now stands confidently on the Hollywood Olympus. In 2012, it will hire picture "Anna Karenina", in which the actress plays a major role. Knightley never ceases to amaze his fans and yet, according to the most Kira, her best role ahead.