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Gallery images and information: Keanu Reeves


Keanu Reeves - American actor of television, film and theater was born in Beirut in 1964 on 2 September. Keanu looks absolutely in life as on screen - amazingly beautiful, a little wistfully, eccentric and not very sociable, very polite and incredibly modest.

Father - a half-Hawaiian, half-Chinese, came from a fairly wealthy family, and met with his mother Patricia Keanu in Lebanon. Unfortunately, when the boy was six years old, his father left the family.

The family moved to Canada, and interestingly, the actor till today retains Canadian citizenship. Keanu finished elementary school in Toronto. But the boy was more interested in hockey and the theater than his studies. In 17 years, Reeves was expelled from school for poor academic performance.

Keanu Reeves earned, sharpening skates and pruning trees, and in 1984 made his stage debut in the play "The boy-wolf", which became a cult in Canada. At the young actor drew attention to producers and already in 1986, Reeves received an offer to star in the film "Young Blood". But after the release of the movie "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" Keanu Reeves has become a real youth idol.

Keanu Reeves - the beginning of a stellar career
Worldwide recognition and fame brought Keanu Reeves thriller "Speed". Brave and resourceful Jack Treven instantly charmed the audience. Matured Reeves has become a real "star" of Hollywood. Directed peppered his invitation, and the amount of the contract exceeds seven million dollars.
Himself Keanu Reeves does not consider themselves exclusively an actor of action films. He convincingly proved brilliantly played the role of a young lawyer at Taylor Hackford film "Devil's Advocate".

Keanu Reeves - gaining popularity
It's safe to say that the previous achievements of the actor simply faded in the background fantastic success of "The Matrix" (1999). The picture has collected half a billion dollars at the box office and was a huge success with the audience. No less well turned out, and the next part of the trilogy, "The Matrix 2: Reloaded" and "The Matrix 3: Revolution."
Quite restrained criticism spoke about the work of Keanu in the movie "Sweet November" and "hardbol" who almost failed at the box office. But fans have forgiven the actor all the bugs for their excellent work in the movie "Constantine. Dark Lord."
Keanu Reeves as well work out in the sci-fi thriller, but it is periodically removed and low-budget films like "Street Kings" and "The Lake House" (2006).

Keanu Reeves - the most notable roles
One of the most notable roles critics believe Keanu Reeves in the movie "My Own Private Idaho" in which Reeves starred River Phoenix. The movie became a cult and enjoyed incredible box office success. Well, and of course - the legendary "Matrix". The actor had to endure several months of grueling training, but the result was worth it. Wachowski brothers told in an interview that looking at the role of the insane Neo of Hollywood stars who have embodied a comic novel. And they were not wrong with the choice, Keanu Reeves coped brilliantly with this role, becoming the idol of millions.

Keanu Reeves - personal life
Keanu Reeves carefully protected from the "yellow" press his personal life. It is known that his romance with Jennifer Syme ended tragically. Their child was born in 2000, dead. A year later, Jennifer is killed in a car accident. Today, the personal life of an actor not much is known. One time in Hollywood rumors of homosexual actor, but most Reeves does not interest the public opinion.
Keanu Reeves - Interesting Facts

As a child, Keanu suffered from dyslexia (inability to read), what is causing it some closure.
Keanu Reeves does not have a personal computer, believing that interact with real people much more interesting.
Actor afraid to have children.
Reeves participated in the group "Dogsta" (playing bass).
He is fond of motorcycles and hockey.
Keanu - left-handed.
It has the British and Canadian citizenship.

Keanu Reeves - day today
Keanu Reeves has traveled, passionate about riding motorcycles and horses. The most eligible bachelor in Hollywood is not going to be bound by marriage. Reeves has a grandiose creative plans and recently became the producer of the documentary "Side by Side".