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Gallery images and information: Justin Bieber

BIOGRAPHY Justin Bieber.

Singing young Justin Drew Bieber began a few years ago. However, since the age of two, he began to study music and take an interest in musical instruments, mainly percussion. Now Justin Bieber plays guitar, keyboards and, of course, on drums. It is not surprising that from an early age the boy showed musical ability. His mother Patti sings, dad Jeremy plays the guitar, and my grandmother was a great pianist. Young celebrity, besides music, is interested in sports. Bieber plays hockey, football, basketball and golf. In addition, Justin Bieber is good to skateboard. Knowledge musician got in Avon Public School, Central Public School and Berforskoy public schools. Random fame says Justin Bieber himself, he began to sing by accident after a 12-year-old became a member of the musical contest Stratford Idol. Then the boy took the second place. Opponents of the singer for many years taught musical notation, took singing lessons and has performed and Justin Bieber sang only occasionally at home, where students were only relatives.

Justin Bieber's stellar career in 2007. He began to rehash the composition of famous artists to record their performances on video and upload videos to YouTube. A first video was the very music contest, which played Justin. His speech could not see some relatives and friends. "I posted on YouTube a video of his performance in the finals, to my friends and family could watch them," - says Justin Bieber. - "But it turned out that other people liked them and they started to sign and to my channel." That the Internet has opened the world a new singer, but after the first video from Bieber appeared first fans. In 2007, they began to argue that while an unknown Justin has a great future and glory. On YouTube Justin Bieber Scooter Braun noticed. He got in touch with the family of a talented and resourceful boy and then sent a promising 13-year-old singer to Atlanta to meet with the famous Asher. Hosted the famous Bieber wanted to conclude a contract, but the latter has met with Justin Timberlake. However, the working conditions offered by Usher, Justin seemed more profitable and he, in 2008, signed its first contract with him.