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Gallery images and information: Jude Law


Elegant handsome, popular English actor and least successful producer Jude Law was born in the UK in a family of school teachers: his father - Peter Lowe, the mother - Maggie Lowe. Judy has an older sister Natasha, which is now engaged in a photo.

Creative talent Jude Law began to show in early childhood, which is very pleasing his parents, because they were great admirers of the theater. Jude Law ordinary boy grew up, he stood out among his peers for its very comely appearance because of what Judith arose constant conflicts at school, as a result, his parents moved to a private school. Jude Law grew up in a family with an average income, but now his parents are the owners of their own theater company in France.

I love the theater Judah passed from parents and at the age of 6 years, he made his debut on the stage of children's theater. He soon found that his destiny - is acting career. In 12 years, Jude Law was passed in the National theater troupe of musical theater.

Jude Law - the beginning of a stellar career
The young actor Jude Law is quite actively involved in theater productions, and his first debut on television took place in 1986, he was invited to participate in popular programs for teens and that's when the camera enchanted Judah, and he decided that he would try himself as a film actor. He is involved in the casting and in the same year received a supporting role in the movie "Gostesky tailor." After the first debut in the movie it almost immediately argue for the role of Nathan Thompson in the TV series "Family." Jude Law was so passionate about his career, even threw in school.
After filming the series Law several years mostly played in the theater, as well as starred in a small role picture "Sherlock Holmes." In 1992, Jude Law with great success on the London stage debut in a production of "The Fastest Clock in the Universe." In 1994, the Law for the first time gets the starring role in "Shopping", but the film did not become a star of his "take-off", he failed badly at the box office. Jude Law is back to the theater.

Jude Law - gaining popularity
After the theatrical success of Jude Law to come and successful works in film. In 1997, Jude Bozi brilliantly plays the role in the film "Ufyld." The work in this film brought Lowe's first award for the best debut. After gaining popularity in the UK Jude Law is completely immersed in the world of cinema, and in a relatively short time removed in several Hollywood films.

Despite the successful works in film, this stellar success to the Jude Law came in 1999, after the great role played by the rich playboy - Dickie Greenleaf in "The Talented Mr. Ripley." The film was a huge success and grossed $ 81 million. That's when the world learned about the English actor Jude Law. His work has been adequately evaluated how the audience and critics alike and the new Hollywood star Jude Law has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including the "Oscar". Since that time, Lowe became very popular and sought-after actors in Hollywood and England.

In 2003, Jude Law enjoyed another great success for his work in the film "Cold Mountain," in which he starred with Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellvergom. This film won worldwide success at the box office and collected about 173 million dollars. Jude Law was again nominated for "Oscar". Jude Law has become a star of the screen a world scale.

Jude Law - the most important role
At Jude Law, like every actor of the artistic career was as successful works, and failing. Among the most unfortunate of the actor films like - "Shopping" (1994)
- "Gattaca" (1997)
- "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" (1998).
Among the successful works in film, which helped to become a movie star Jude Law, these films:
- "Wilde" (1997)
- "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (1999)
- "Love, Honour and Obey" (2000)
- "Cold Mountain" (2003)
- "The Aviator" (2004)
- "Sherlock Holmes" (2009 - 2011)
- "Hugo" (2011)
- "Rise of custody" (2012)
- "Anna Karenina" (2012).

Jude Law - Personal life
Handsome Jude Law - is the main Hollywood heartthrob. His personal life - this is love, novels, scandalous events of disappointment. That is why the actor is always under the scrutiny of the paparazzi.

Jude Law has married without being a star of the screen. With his wife, actress Sadie Frost, he met in 1994 during the shooting of his first film, and the failed "Shopping." For the sake of a handsome young man, Sadie left her husband, Lou later adopted her son from her first marriage. First time in the family love and harmony reigned, they had two lovely children. Surging thank Jude Law has led to frequent quarrels in the family. From all sides to Sadie heard rumors of stormy romances of her husband, she soon filed for divorce.

Jude Law is not long upset and in 2004 began a relationship with actress Sienna Miller, but he changed it and Sienna left him. Personal life Lowe began to gain increasing at the moment, and his adventures have often led to spectacular scandals. But in 2009, Jude Law and Sienna Miller once again came together. Today, even talking about their wedding, but who knows whether the actor very attractive aristocratic appearance to abandon its usual condition - love.

Jude Law - Interesting Facts
A funny thing happened to Jude Law in his young gody.Kogda he settled in the hostel of the theater in which he was admitted, Lowe took over the lady (he was very smazliv) and defined in the housing for the ladies. Jude was very happy and lived for a month among young beauties, but then he crashed exposed.

At Jude Law, like every Englishman in the blood of a fanatical love of football. Judy has two tattoos, one of which he made in honor of love for his first wife.
Jude Law father of many children, he had three children by his first wife, Sadie, and the youngest daughter of Samantha Burke.

Jude Law - the day today
Today the actor Jude Law, in addition to intensive work on new projects in film, quite actively engaged in producing activities. Not so long ago he finished his work in the films "The Rise of the guards" and "Anna Karenina" and preparing for their entry into the rental.
Recently, Jude Law settled down and gave up the glory of Hollywood womanizer. Today, he tries as much as possible to spend more time with their children.