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Gallery images and information: Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson: biography

Josh Hutcherson was born in the small town of Union, located in the state of Kentucky, USA. His father, Chris Hutcherson was an analyst at a large organization dealing with environmental protection. Mother Michelle Faytmaster at the time of birth of her son worked in the airline «Delta Air Lines». Later, when Josh began to move as an actor, she resigned from the company and became his personal assistant. The family also has a younger son Connor, who was born 4 years after Josh.

From 4 years old boy spoke only about the movie actor and wanted to be one of them. The parents thought it a game, believing that over time it "outgrow" this hobby. However, neither Michelle nor Chris did not let his son and allowed him to take part in the auditions. The 8-year-old actor Josh found the address of the agency and the client became their own, allowing gained some experience shooting in advertising the American supermarket Kroger and educational film "Vacation Bible School with."

Hutcherson was in elementary school, "New Heaven" in Union to 9 years, and then was homeschooled. In the last school he attended one semester of high school, "Ryle." But honestly, for textbooks I spent a bit of time. Most of the childhood the boy ever worked on a film set or in sports - football, tennis, triathlon. The love of exercise and sports games he retained into adulthood.

In 2002, Josh met with acting coach Bob Luke, who advised him not to try his hand at local auditions, and in LA's auditions. 10-year-old young actor and his mother moved to Hollywood and gets a first role in a feature film.

Personal life
On the film "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" in 2012, Josh Hutcherson and Vanessa Hudgens met, with whom he had a brief romance. Since 2013, he met with the actress Claudia Tresak, with whom he played in the thriller "Paradise Lost."

In 2011, the actor gained fame "Treehouse" in Los Angeles, which was built in 1951 and formerly owned by the well-known Australian actor Heath Ledger, whose considers himself a fan of Josh Hutcherson.

Despite the fact that the young man has a traditional orientation, it actively supports the fight against homophobia and promote tolerance towards sexual minorities.