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Gallery images and information: Joseph Gordon Levitt


Joseph Gordon-Levitt: biography

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was born on February 17, 1981. His hometown has become Los Angeles. The boy grew up in a Jewish family, which has never been "strictly religious". His father, Dennis Levitt and his mother, Jane Gordon worked together on one of the radio stations. Once the parents were hippies and Joseph were of the opinion that the wife should not give up their surname through marriage, which is why their son received a double name.

Santa boy on his mother, Michael Gordon, was quite famous film director. It is not surprising that from an early age, Joseph Gordon-Levitt also began to become involved in the world of film and television. At the age of four, he started attending the group of musical theater, where he first took part in a theatrical performance "The Wizard of Oz" in the role of the Scarecrow. During the performance of a small artist's talent was marked by a casting agent, so he soon appeared in advertising of peanut butter and a few commercials. At the same time the boy continued to participate in amateur musicals.

In the early 2000s, Joseph studied at Columbia University, at that time he was already quite famous actor.

His film career Joseph Gordon-Levitt started early enough. At the age of seven, he made his debut in the film "Not one step back." The feature film, he first appeared in 1992 - it was the film "Beethoven": the role of young actor lasted only a few seconds. This was followed by work in the film by Robert Redforta "Where the River Runs Through It," and in 1996, Joseph became a star in the comedy serial "Third Rock from the Sun" - this work has brought the actor popularity and several prizes.

After removal of the ether "third planet from the Sun," Joseph Gordon-Levitt has ceased to act for a short time, but, after graduating from university, he returned to a great movie. Since then, the actor has worked primarily with independent directors. In 2005 came the film "Mysterious Skin," in which he played a street hustler. In the same year, Joseph appeared in the film "Brick". In 2006, the actor was busy filming "War of coercion" and "Killer."

Released in 2009 comedy drama "500 Days of Summer," Gordon-Levitt earned nomination for the prize "Golden Globe". The following year, he appeared in the film "Home" and "Hesher."
In 2012, the audience could see Joseph in four films - "The Dark Knight Rises", "Express delivery", "time loop" and "Lincoln." In 2013, screens out the picture "The Passion of Don Juan," which was the directorial debut of actor. Among his recent works - roles in the films "Sin City 2: A woman, for which there is a killing" (2014) and "Walk" (2015).

Personal life
Joseph Gordon-Levitt never really shared information about his personal life, in spite of this, some of the facts yet become known. In 1999, during the filming of the actor began a relationship with a colleague Julia Stiles. Roman lasted 7 months, after which he began to meet with Larisa Oleynik - an actress he had known since the time of the filming of the "third world". Their relationship lasted for three years.

Over the years, interest in the person of Joseph increased, which was the cause of a lot of rumors about his personal life. Actively discussed his relationship with actress Evan Rachel Wood, and Lucy Liu, model Devon Aoki, dancer Lexi Hulme. After a joint survey Gordon-Levitt attributed romance with Scarlett Johansson.

At one time in the tabloids rumors about homosexual actor. This information, as well as rumors of these novels was not confirmed.
In December 2014, Joseph Gordon-Levitt married same age Tasha McCauley. The wedding was not lush - lovers were married in a circle of close friends and relatives. The wife of the actor is the main director of the company, a manufacturer of robotics in Silicon Valley. In 2015, the husband gave his son Joseph.