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Gallery images and information: Jennifer Lawrence


August 15, 1990 in the family of the owner of the construction company and the management of the kindergarten was born Jennifer Lawrence. She - the third child in the family, she has an older brother Blaine and Ben.
Lawrence family was very mediocre related to the cinematography - at the level of the audience. But in the age of fourteen Jenny knew exactly what would be an actress. She asked the parents to accompany her to New York in search of an agent. While Lawrence lived in Louisville, Kentucky. To persuade mother and father did not last long.
Jennifer auditioned in several agencies - always appreciated her talent, although acting experience and education of the girl was not there. However, for the sake of a dream she had to leave school as an external student - two years earlier than their peers.
A successful audition at the agencies gave wings to her and finally convinced the right choice. Two years later she made her debut in the movie.

Jennifer Lawrence's film career began with a role in the film "Public Company". Then there were a few episodes in the series "Cold Case," "Defective Detective" and "Medium".

In 2007, Lawrence received a role in the film "Not Another Teen prom" and "garden party", and her first major work was the TV series "Bill Shaw Ingvalla." In it she played a schoolgirl Lauren, who imagined conspiracies everywhere. The series went three seasons, but then the producers decided to roll it.

Popularity Jennifer Lawrence brought the film "House of Poker." Premiere pictures held in the framework of the annual film festival in Los Angeles, and the young actress was awarded the prize for Best Actress. At the festival, Jennifer noticed screenwriter Guillermo Inyarittu and offered her a role in "The Burning Plain". The partners of the actress in the film became Kim Basinger and Charlize Theron. For this work, Lawrence won a prize Marcello Mastroianni.

In 2010, she played Ree Dolly in the film "Winter's Bone," for which she was nominated for two prestigious awards - "Oscar" and "Golden Globe". Next year has been fruitful: the actress starred in "The Beaver," "X-Men: First Class," "How crazy," as well as "The Hunger Games."

The picture "The Hunger Games" viewers saw in March 2012, after which Jennifer Lawrence came the long-awaited popularity. The film was a success at the box office and earned a positive feedback - the critics rated the game Lawrence and its character as a whole. The actress has won several awards for her role as Katniss Everdeen: MTV Movie Awards in the categories "Best match" and "Best Actress», Teen Choice Awards in the categories "Best Kiss" and "Actress fiction or fantasy film." "The Hunger Games was nominated for the" Golden Globe ".

In the same year she starred in the film Jennifer Russell Crowe "My boyfriend - crazy." She got the role of Tiffany, a young woman widowed early and drowns his pain with sex. For this work, Lawrence received the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".