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Gallery images and information: Jennifer Connelly

BIOGRAPHY Jennifer Connelly
December 12, 1970-the year in New York at the Jewish Irishman Gerard and Eileen Connelly had a daughter, whom they named Jennifer Lynn. Parents babes doing business: the father - sewing, and her mother for some time been the mistress of antique shops. Ancestors Eileen lived in Poland and the Russian Empire and grandparents on the paternal side of the actress came from Ireland and Norway.
Jennifer was just 10 years old when a family friend, advertisers, suggested to involve the girl in the modeling business. It endorsed these contenders, so she has been a first job: schoolgirl actively starred in advertising clothing for girls.
And in 1983, in the biography of Jennifer Connelly's first film role came - it was a gangster drama Sergio Leone (the last of the great Italian film director) "Once in America." Jen has played the main character Deborah as a teenager (her adult incarnation became Elizabeth McGovern).