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Gallery images and information: Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston: biography

The owner of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969 in the city of Sherman Oaks, California. Jennifer's father - Cypriot Yiannis Anastassakis, began his career in television, changed his name to John Aniston. Mother - a little-known actress Nancy Dow, once moonlighted assistant Rock Hudson. Godfather Jennifer Aniston was the best friend of his father, known in the past television actor Telly Savalas.

When Jane was ten years old, her parents divorced. Around those years the girl and decided to become an actress. It was after watching a comedy on Broadway play "Annie." Jennifer Aniston's father tried to dissuade her daughter from a career in the movies, trying to protect them from the problems that he himself had to face. John Aniston played in many soap operas, but most of the time getting failures, sitting without work and moonlighting manufacturer of vacuum cleaners.

But Jane was adamant, and my father gave up. The first role of Jennifer won it thanks to his father. John Aniston an acquaintance gave the girl to crowd soap opera in which he played. Thus began the creative biography of Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston: movies
For the first time the name of the aspiring actress got into titles after the release of the series "Molloy," where Jennifer got a little episode. At the auditions she was offered only a small episode in the series, and all she could do was to look for jobs in anticipation of a new role. Jennifer had to work as a secretary and an advertising agency, and a bike messenger in New York City, and a saleswoman ice cream, and the waitress. And, on the last job she held for two and a half years.

In 1990, the actress moved to Hollywood and found an agent, who agreed to represent her. But he has put stringent condition: Jen had to lose 13 kg. First, Aniston refused, but after a series of failures and their director's appearance in the heavily criticized the horror film "Leprechaun" surrendered.

Biography Jennifer Aniston made a cardinal change in the direction of success in 1994, when Aniston was offered a role in the TV series "Friends." At that time it has already been approved for their roles David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox. And Courtney won the role of Rachel Green and Jennifer auditioned for the role of Monica. But both want to exchange the roles of actress, and when the producers learned that Aniston worked as a waitress, the girls immediately reversed.
The series "Friends" immediately became megapopular and Jennifer Aniston in actress-turned losers into one of the highest paid stars of the TV screen in the 2000s. Her fee was fabulous: a million dollars per episode. Jen finally became famous and rich. Artist five times nominated for the "Emmy", and in 2003 she received the "Golden Globe".

In December 2008 in rolling out the tragicomedy "Marley and Me", which became the partner of Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson. International gathering of a film made 242 million dollars. Aniston's next film was the romantic comedy "He's - Not That Into You." Despite the fact that the review of the film have been mixed, work Aniston and her stellar partners was assessed more than worthy. On the first weekend of the picture has collected 27.5 million dollars and took first place in the chart.

In the early 2000s Jennifer Aniston topped the rating of the most popular comedic actresses in Hollywood. Every her film collected a decent cash and royalties Aniston reached $ 10 million for the tape.
In March 2010, the premiere of the movie "The Bounty Hunter" featuring Gerard Butler and Enniston. The painting was in tatters quarreled critics, but collected at the box office of over $ 130 million. Same story with the melodrama "More than one." The picture was not very good reviews from critics, but was rated even higher than the "bounty hunter."

From Jennifer Aniston notable works of the last decade can mention a few tapes. Romantic comedy "Picture Perfect" received mixed reviews from critics, but the game Aniston was rated highly. At the same time, Jennifer starred in "Escaping the ideal" with Sarah Jessica Parker, "The Thin Pink Line" and "Office Space." Last film later gained cult status.

September 8, 2014 at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of the drama "cake", where Aniston starred suffering from chronic pain, a girl named Claire. The film was warmly received by critics and revealed that Jennifer Aniston is not only admirably with comedy roles - her the strength to deep psychological images.

Jennifer Aniston: love life
Life Jennifer Aniston is full of joys and disappointments. In the past, Aniston met with musician Adam Dyuritsem, then to actor Tate Donovan. In place of short novels came to a serious relationship with Brad Pitt. The pair played a wedding in July 2000 in Malibu. But in January 2005, the two Hollywood stars announced their separation. In October of the same year they divorced because of the fact that the actress could not get pregnant. All this time, personal life Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt never left the front pages of the tabloids, to savor all the details and the scandals surrounding the star couple.

Since May 2011 Aniston met with actor Justin Theroux. They starred together in the comedy "The thirst for wandering." In August 2012, after 15 months of relationship, the couple announced their engagement on the day of the 41st birthday Theroux, but the wedding has not yet taken place.