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Gallery images and information: Jeff Bridges


BIOGRAPHY Jeff Bridges

American actor Jeffrey Leon Bridges was born on December 4, 1949 in Los Angeles, USA. Jeffrey's parents tied his life with film. In addition to shooting in a big movie, the boy's mother was engaged in writing activities. In addition to Jeffrey I was brought up in the family's eldest son, who later also made a career in cinema. His creative life Bridges began very early, he debuted on television screens in the serial film "The company that owns it," before he was a year old. At the age of nine young actor he shone in my father's show "Sea Hunt" and four years later flashed in "Lloyd Bridges Show". Having received secondary education, the young man entered the college of his native city. After graduating from the Institute, Jeffrey went to New York, where he began to attend classes on acting.

The real triumph for the twenty-two guy became drama "The Last Picture Show," for which the young actor won the most prestigious award of the American cinema. The film was a resounding success and grossed a huge box office, many times exceeding the expended budget. A year later, Jeff approved for the lead role in the sports film "Fat City," where he brilliantly played the role of a novice boxer, who takes under his wing a seasoned professional. Two years later, the premiere of the criminal tape "Thunder and skipjack", where the actor appeared in the form of former hippies who are familiar with a bank robber and started up with him in search of the hidden money. For this work, Bridges was among the nominees for the award "Oscar". Later, Jeff starred in the role of defender of nature in the famous film "King Kong." In the early 80s came fiction thriller "The Throne", where the actor played a gifted programmer who once got into the computer, where another life boils with their orders. Then I started painting "Man with the Stars", where Jeff worked brilliantly the role of alien from another planet who takes the appearance of the deceased man and comes to his wife.

His most favorite role Hollywood actor called the image in the comedy "The Big Lebowski", which premiered in 1998. In this tape Bridges appeared in the image of playboy, lover of alcohol and marijuana, which one is caught up in financial fraud. In the early twenty-first century, Jeff starred in the main role of the President in the thriller "The Contender", for which he was nominated again for the highest award in Hollywood. In 2003, Bridges played the image of a journalist in the musical drama "Masked and Anonymous". In the same year the actor was involved in the filming of a historical picture "Favorite" based on the true story of the horse, which has become the undisputed champion in the race. Two years later, the actor appeared in the drama "Tideland", tells the story of the little daughter of drug addicts, who invented a world of its own. In 2010, Bridges finally won the golden statuette for his work in the melodrama "Crazy Heart," which appeared in the form of an alcoholic, last successful singer. At the age of twenty-eight actor she contracted marriage with his girlfriend Susan Heston, who later bore him three girls.