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Gallery images and information: Jean Reno


Jean Reno: biography

Jean Reno, originally bore the name of Juan Moreno, who was born in the Moroccan city of Casablanca. His parents were from Spain, who had to leave their home country because of the coming to power of a military dictator Francisco Franco.
The first 12 years of the boy lived with his parents on the African continent, and then the family returned to Europe by more liberal stationed France. But to get the citizenship of foreign nationals was not easy, so parents had to get a working specialty. My mother was a seamstress and his father went to work in the print shop.

When Jean was 17 years old, his mother died suddenly. To get into the new country, the guy needed a French passport, and for him it is recorded as a recruit in the National Guard. After serving in the army for about 4 years and officially became a French citizen, Jean Reno decides to connect his life to the theater or cinema, as his childhood attracted the profession of an actor.

In 1970, he started attending acting classes at the studio quite famous René Simon in Paris. At the same time he takes a pseudonym, translating his name Juan in the French transcription of Jean, and the names of the first two letters of discards. During the courses the young man earns wherever possible. It is known that he was a driver, accountant and even a customs officer.
After a few years, get a lot of theoretical knowledge, aspiring actor debuts in telepostanovkah on local television in the series "One secret of the day", and later on stage in a philosophical play "This man," staged by the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. The first feature films for Jean Reno was the painting "The hypothesis of a stolen painting" in 1978.

Personal life
The first marriage, Jean Reno concluded even without being a famous actor. The name of his first wife and remained unknown to the public. In this alliance, the actor had two children - a daughter Sandra and son Michael. Divorce occurred through the fault of Jean, as he began an affair with a model from Poland Natalia Dyshkevich, which became his second wife. From his second marriage, the actor has a son Tom and daughter Serena. This marriage was terminated in 2001.

After 5 years, Jean Reno married a third time. His choice was a Romanian model and actress Sofia Boruca. Interestingly, a witness from the groom acted Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy.

He lives alternately in Reno and Paris apartment in a mansion in Los Angeles and Malaysia.
From hobby actor stands out his great passion for soccer. He is a fan of the team "Inter" from Milan. In addition, Jean Reno big fan of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.