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Gallery images and information: James Woods



James Woods was born on April 18, 1947 in the small town of Vernal, Utah, USA. The boy's father was in the military, so the boy's upbringing was held in harsh conditions. From an early age the head of the family taught her son to strict discipline, for any fault of his punished and deprived of any childhood pleasures. In school, James went very well. After receiving primary education, eighteen year old boy admitted to the prestigious institution, but a year later dropped college and moved to New York where he started his creative life. Woods won a seat on the local theater scene. Later talented guy took in the Broadway cast. Soon James noticed figures motion picture arts and invited him on TV. At the age of twenty-five Woods took part in the movie "Hickey and God." In the same year, he started the tape "guests" with the novice actor. James soon began to filming of serial television movie "police officer", which was broadcast within five years. A year later, the actor landed a role in the soap opera "Dossier detective Rockford."

Following these talented works Woods was invited to a great movie. In the late 70s, the premiere of the drama "Onion Field", where Woods brilliantly played the role of a criminal who, together with an accomplice to kill a police officer. In the early 80s the actor flashed in the film "Black Ball". A year later, he starred in the crime film "Witness," which was nominated for the golden statuette and became the best film works of the year. Two years later she made her debut fiction film "Videodrome", where James appeared in the form of a small television director. In 1984, on the big screen it was a demonstration of gangster drama "Once in America", which later became legendary. In this film, the actor skillfully created the image of the criminal element. Following launched film "In spite of everything," in which Woods starred as a former football player. In the mid 80s the actor was involved in the filming of the horror film "Cat's Eye", consisting of a few horror stories, united among themselves.

In the early 90s Woods appeared in the melodrama "Women and men - the history of seduction." The following year, she made her debut entertaining picture "ahead", where the actor played a police officer who was assigned unlucky partner. In the same year he was lit in the "boys" where once again brilliantly fulfilled the image of the character. In 1993, Woods began to work in television serial film "Fallen Angels," which premiered in 1993. The following year, the actor was involved in another popular long-term project "Ambulance", which has become a favorite among viewers all over the world. In the same year came the gunman "Specialist", where Woods has appeared in the form member of a mafia clan. In the late 90s the actor played the role of a doctor in the cult drama film "Any Given Sunday," which tells the story of the success of the football team. In this same year came the melodrama "The Virgin - suicide", where Woods has created an image of the teacher, the father of schoolgirls who have decided to settle accounts with life.

The Hollywood actor was twice status. In the early 80s he signed with Katherine Morrison, three years later the couple divorced. In the late 80s, James married Sarah Owen, their family life lasted only a year.